Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Live Sail Fish

Today is the start of Wednesday night Sunfish racing. So yesterday it was time to fix the lights on the Sunfish trailer (there's a whole post about trailer electrics itching to be written), pump up the tires, find all the Sunfish bits and pieces (now where did I put the mainsheet last fall?), wash the boat and apply a coat of Teflon polish (purely to keep the boat clean of course - couldn't possibly make the boat faster, could it?)

Finishing touch was to apply to the trailer one of the Live Sail Die stickers so graciously donated by og. I wrote about all the bumper stickers on this trailer last year. I've been saving a special spot for a really cool sticker right next to the ones saying Old European on board and I Embarrass My Offspring. The Live Sail Die sticker fills that space admirably. Thanks og.

I'm all set.


EVK4 said...

Everybody seems to have a live sail die sticker. now, i don't own a trailer or anything but I link to live sail die. what's the story?

Anonymous said...

Would you like a sticker evk4?

If so, just let me know!

Ask Tillerman and Litoralis - they asked and received! (a few stickers!)

Anonymous said...

Nice work Tillerman!

But I have to say, I love the "I embarrass my offspring" sticker. Would love to get my hands on one of those for my Dad.

The LSD sticker looks great there!!! We just had a request to send some stickers and an LSD banner flag to Holland!!!


Dwayne Clark said...

I had a sunfish years ago....I miss that make me think of getting another one.


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