Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mothers Day

So what are you doing for Mothers Day this weekend?

Going sailing.

What? How do you get away with that? Why don't you go and visit your Mom?

My mother lives in England, and so does my mother-in-law. I live in New Jersey. It's hardly practical to drop in and visit them on Sunday. Not since they scrapped Concorde anyway. In any case it isn't Mothers Day in England - it's a different day over there.

OK. So where are you going sailing?

I'm planning to do the May Madness Laser Regatta at Quannapowitt Yacht Club in Massachusetts on Saturday.

Wait a minute - you said you live in New Jersey. Why are you driving all the way to Massachusetts for a regatta? Aren't there any regattas nearer home?

Yes there are regattas nearer home. Some years I do the Philadelphia Laser Championship at Marsh Creek Sailing Club. But if I go to see my son in Massachusetts I also get to see my gorgeous granddaughter again and I can race in Lasers with my son for the first time since he was in high school ten years ago. Do you want to see a picture of my granddaughter?

Wow - she's beautiful. I see your point. So if you're racing on Saturday I guess that on Sunday you and your son will spend Mothers Day with your wives, he will be with his mother for Mothers Day and you will be able to help your daughter-in-law celebrate her first Mothers Day?

Nope - my son and I are thinking of sailing at this club near his home.

Hey - check that website again - that club isn't racing because it's Mothers Day. At least some sailors have some respect for Mothers Day.

Damn. I see you're right... hang on, the phone's ringing.

... ...

My son just called while I was writing this. He says we will go down to the lake and practice anyway.

You guys are nuts.

You can't blame my son. He can't help it. It's genetic.


Carol Anne said...

Hey, I'll be sailing on Mother's Day, too. Saturday's the Joshua Slocum single-hand race, and Sunday's the Jack and Jill -- woman at the helm, man as crew. Depending on conditions, I'll likely end up with my son as crew, so that's a good Mother's Day thing, right?

Charles N. Cox said...

My mother wants me to take her sailing on the Ericson for Mother's Day. Who am I to say no? :)

Pat said...

And maybe around Mother's Day is when Carol Anne will get a full-batten main and a couple of light-air jibs ... something much more appealing to her than roses or chocolates.

And, after the his and hers regatta, we might take Carol Anne's crew (Husker) and Husker's daughter (GI Jane) out for a Mother's Day sail.

Anonymous said...

Like Carol Anne or Tillerman really need an excuse to be out on the water... Tillerman, you missed your best argument—since you can't be with Tillermom or Tillermom-in-law, you're giving Tillerwoman a Happy Mother's Day gift, so she can spend it with her son and granddaughter... and since we all know that kids rank below grandchildren on the scale, you're being nice and taking your son out sailing, to allow Tillerwoman a chance to spend some quality time with the grandchild. That's a much better excuse... :D

bonnie said...

That is one cute baby.

Fuff said...

My mum is happy to go sailing on any day of the year, lucky me!

Anonymous said...

I'm working all day. Which means I'm sorta sailing, since I'm teaching it. I'll probably spend most the time in a powerboat, but it doesn't make a lot of difference as far as my mums concerned :D

A nice night out for dinner sounds good :)

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