Saturday, May 06, 2006

Where Are You?

A couple of days ago I wrote about sailing blogs and asked for comments on the question of whether it's true that sailors don't interact with each other via sailing blogs very much, and if so why. Thanks to all of you who replied, especially to Pat and Carol Anne who invited me for beer (and pizza maybe) at their lake place. Carol Anne even went so far as to suggest that, "Tillerman's place is essentially the clubhouse where we all come to socialize." Thanks CA.

Ant (English), OG (Australian) and Turos1 (Turkish living in Switzerland) made some comments from an international perspective so I thought I would check out the nationalities (or at least the countries from which you are browsing) of all you sailors hanging out in this multicultural clubhouse. The pie chart above is of the 'visitors by country share' stats in Site Meter for this blog. (Not sure what time period this is from - a 24 hour snapshot I suspect.)

I wasn't surprised to see that 65% of my visitors are from the United States even though it would be nice to have greater representation from other countries. Not that I have anything against Americans - two of my most favorite people were born in the USA.

I'd be interested to know if other sailing bloggers have a similar country distribution. For those of you not in the USA, are most of your readers from your own country, or mainly American like the crowd hanging out here?

Anybody ready for another beer? Does anyone else want that last slice of pizza?


JP said...

I'll put a picture on my blog showing the distribution for mine.

May it depends to a degree on how they get to you. If they are just clicking the "next blog" they could well be more geographically distributed than repeat visits from those that are interested in US east coast sailing.

So your chart suggests you get a high proportion of hits from repeat visitors. Which must be good!

I'm off to the fridge. Who wants a beer?

Tillerman said...

Not sure how you work out that I get a high proportion of hits from repeat visitors from this particular chart. But yes, I do get a number of regular visitors (not all of whom leave comments), quite a few hits from search engines, and then a few random hits from people who must just be clicking "next blog" or some similar process.

Anonymous said...

I have some pretty good statistics generated from Live Sail Die through Google Analytics. Same as JP, I will post this on my site as well, I think it's a really interesting topic and great to see where people are coming from.

I can find out where the hits were generated from and what page they ended up with. Percentage of return readers, site overlay (who clicks what) and even the suburbs/counties where people have viewed LSD.

Glad to see the Aussie percentage there, however I am now on a mission to make Australia your highest ranked reader country!

I'm up for a beer. Tillerman?? Are you thirsty or hungry?

Tillerman said...

By all means OG, do anything you can to boost my Aussie readership. One thing that struck me though, the relative numbers of readers from USA, UK and Australia are roughly in line with the total populations of those countries (though perhaps not the number of sailors in each country).

Fred said...

There is sooo much happening in the Clubhouse Tillerman, I am not able to follow up on everything. Have to travel and to work sometime. Sailing Blogs seem to be a rarity in Germany. But I am pushing.

Missed that questionary of yours. But yes, I have only discovered this medium lately but really think it is great and I love to communicate through it. You have made the entrance into the "club" so easy for me. Thank you. Glad you left a pizza and a last beer. Just back from the shed and some pretty tough boat maintance. Have to have a shower now.

Carol Anne said...

The basic distrubution on the Sitemeter chart is for the last 100 visits, unless you pay extra for extra services. My visitors are primarily from the United States, although I do get some from Europe and occasional other parts of the world. The two most commonn ways people get to my place are through a search for certain song lyrics, and links from Proper Course. About a third of my visitors come from each.

There's a fresh pizza coming out of the oven now ... anybody want a slicee?

EVK4 said...

I'm at 85% US, but that number goes down when I post on Sailing Anarchy. For all the anti-blog sentiment there, an awful lot of people visit when I write something, no matter how benign. They never comment though.

Pat said...

It's so kind of you to consider us New Mexicans as residents of the USA ... not everyone does.

I guess it would also be interesting for you to do a poll and get a visitor breakdown by types of boat sailed, ocean vs. lake, racing/cruising/armchair sailing, etc.

Anonymous said...

My distribution is mostly US as well, however my worldwide distribution is pretty incredible. I notice individual regular readers in China, Dubai, Argentina, Iran and other places where I really wouldn't expect regulars. Google analytics is a great way to visualize where the visitors are coming from. Like Edward, I find I get a nudge from Sailing Anarchy postings, but these days my hits are being generated more and more from Google searches, which I think is a good thing. A decent number of visits come from other sail blogs actually, and a few blogs that aren't sailing related, but have linked to me for some reason. All in all, I find tracking all of this quite fascinating

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