Thursday, December 07, 2006

All Racing Abandoned Today

Whenever I try and take a still photo of the sea in strong wind, what my eye sees as scary monster waves with breaking foaming crests always come out in the photo as a few scattered wimpy pathetic ripples. So when I see a photo like the one above I know that it was wicked weather for small sailboat racing.

Thanks to Yachts and Yachting for the photo accompanying an article about why the final weekend of the Garmin Hamble Winter Series 2006 was abandoned.

Reluctantly, the race officers were forced to decide on abandonment, and the wisdom of their decision was seen when the wind peaked at more than 50 knots during the period when racing would have been taking place. Safety considerations had to come first, particularly at this time of the year.


Eliboat said...


Pat said...

As we say at our lake,

On average,

the winds are perfect.

Zen said...

Reef time !

Carol Anne said...

That's what the lake looked like the day that Zorro and I had our dismasting.

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