Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Top Sailing Blogs - Nominations Requested

Zephyr, one of the best sailing bloggers around, wrote earlier this week...

The end of the year is nigh and possibly Proper Course - the literal "Granddaddy" of sailing bloggers - is readying his list of the 2006 top ten sailing blogs.
He goes on to point out that there are a lot more sailing blogs now than there were a year ago when I published my first Top Ten Sailing Blogs list. How right he is. A year ago the Top Ten was very easy to pick; there were only around ten or so top quality, interesting, entertaining blogs about sailing that were being regularly updated. Now we will actually have to make some hard choices to narrow the list down to the top ten.

But "Granddaddy" accepts the challenge, on the condition that you help me this year. I would like some major input from other sailing bloggers and sailing blog readers as to which blogs are worthy of consideration and which ones should make the final cut.

First it seems to me that to be considered for the list of Top Ten Sailing Blogs of 2006, a blog must meet the following conditions:
  • It is mainly about sailing.
  • It has been in existence for most of 2006.
  • It is updated regularly - say at least once a week for most of the year.
  • It is actually worth reading... it's interesting, entertaining, educational, funny, spectacular, whatever... something grabs you about it.
I'm wondering whether another qualification should be that the writer engages his or her audience, allows comments on the blog, responds to them, makes comments on other sailing blogs, is part of the community. Not sure whether this is essential or not. What do you think?

A good place to start the list of potential candidates for the top ten would be the three top ten lists I have already published. So please check out Top Ten Sailing Blogs of 2005, Boating Blog Roundup and More Sailing Blogs. Browse through my blogroll of Boating Blogs on the right. Are there any other sailing blogs you enjoy that are not on these lists? Then please leave me a comment telling me which sailing blogs you think should make the 2006 Top Ten List.

Look forward to hearing from you.

"Granddaddy" Tillerman.


Anonymous said...

Eli Boat, sailscape and Zen are my favorite new ones this year. I don't think I read as many as you do though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, number 1 has to be proper course.

Anonymous said...

Well personally, Proper Course is always my first port of call, and recently I have started reading Five O'clock Somewhere.

Carol Anne said...

I consider interactivity to be vital to a blog, so, to answer your question, I would disqualify any blog that doesn't allow comments or that makes the process of making comments so cumbersome as to discourage them.

Sailing blogs I like:
Proper Course
Stay of Execution

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