Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Konnichiwa to all the Japanese readers of Proper Course. For reasons I haven't really figured out, this blog has suddenly become popular in Japan. Indeed in the last 24 hours or so there have been more hits from Japan than from any other country.

It looks to me as if a link to Proper Course has been circulating by email in Japan. I wonder who these Japanese sailing blog readers are. Please leave a comment and say hi if you are one of them and tell me how you heard about Proper Course.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Proper course owner,

I am a 51y.o. Japanese Laser sailor and a member of the Japan Laser Mailing-list.

I knew your wonderful blog from the mailist-list mail dated Dec 11 of Mr Takao Shioya, who is one of the most energish Japanese Laser sailor and introduced the world wide latest news to us.

I am very interested in boom slide of new rules. As soon as I read your blog about it, I order them to ASP. Perhaps the next week, I will get them. Thank you for the good information

I am looking forward your blog.

Masahiko Shiba

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