Saturday, February 03, 2007

Speedlinking Saturday

Just discovered bLaugh the self-described (un)official comic of the Blogosphere.

On a more serious note, BMW Oracle Racing Team has a post on how many boats the yacht America beat in the first America's Cup match. Apparently everything you read on the Internet isn't absolutely true. Even Wikipedia had this one wrong. What a shocker!

For the escapists, Kanker Greenacre teaches sailing in Second Life using a virtual boat based on on the Flying Scot.

And then we have the ultimate New England getaway location for a yachtie type: a Nantucket Lightship.

And finally a fascinating article on that affliction of many sailors Two-Foot-itis.


Turinas said...

I wonder: Can you get seasick in Second Life?

Tillerman said...

If you can, somebody will start selling seasickness cures there too.

Zen said...

Hmm, I joined there, but never really followed through...
maybe I can sell some accupressure treatment there for seasickness... hmmmmm what was my log on?

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