Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Talk to Me

I know that a fair number of visitors have come here the past few days from the Tacticat site, thanks to a nice booster link for Proper Course prominently placed on Tacticat. Thanks for that Senor Tacticat.

But, so far, my visitors from Tacticat have been totally silent here. Maybe they find my posts on Tacticat tactics boring? Or maybe they don't understand how this blogging thing is supposed to work? Hey guys, it's all about community. We bloggers don't just write all this stuff so that our words can disappear into the aether with no response.

I know, I know. Einstein disproved the existence of the aether. I was speaking metaphorically.

Where was I?

Oh yes. Please take the time to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my Tacticat tips. I've only been playing the game a few weeks so I'm certainly no expert. My exalted place in the top ten in the Tacticat rankings this week is entirely due to my amazing sailing skills, not through superior knowledge of the game. That, and being retired and being able to race any time there are enough players there to give me some decent scores, but we don't mention that.

Where was I? I seem to be rambling off subject a lot today.

Oh yes. Please leave a comment here. You don't need to sign up for a Google account. Click on that sad "0 comments" link at the bottom of a post, use the "Other" button under "Choose an Identity", enter your Tacticat boat name so I know who you are,
and leave a comment. (Or comment anonymously if you're shy or want to be extremely rude) . Disagree with me. Tell me something I don't know. Tell us your secrets for achieving a perfect start, or smelling the wind, or whatever.

I know you have a voice because some of you talk to me on Tacticat when we're racing. We'll be going up the first beat and you'll send a message saying something like "great blog Tillerman". I appreciate it. I really do. And being a polite kind of guy I feel obliged to reply. Just to say "thnx" or something equally cryptic. But that means I have to take my eye of the screen and look at my keyboard. And move my right hand from hovering over "Enter" to find the "M" key. And move my left hand from its normal position glued to "Z" and "X" in order to find "T". And you always seem to want to tell me about my blog just as we are heading into a crowded windward mark rounding. You couldn't be trying to distract me, could you?

So thanks for the kind words about Proper Course. But, as I have ten thumbs and am keyboard-dyslexic, please don't chat to me in the middle of a race. I am unable to walk and chew gum at the same time. Let's chat between races. Or even better leave a comment here. Talk to me. Please.


Zen said...

Poor thing. I feel ya man.
If I was on that Taticat site I would leave a comment, but since I'm not, I will will not say anything, nothing, zip. I cannot leave a comment, well because I do know know anything about it, well other than what you have posted here. However if I did, I would leave a comment, because that is the proper course. On the other hand since I do not I will have to take the un-proper course and not say anything, but that would make it the proper course, isnnit. Meaning I can not leave a proper comment on this course, which would be proper of course. Therefore being the proper sort of gent, I am, I'll stay on the proper course.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not leaving a comment, zen.

Anonymous said...

Your tips are really useful, and I think it adds to the game to have this kind of discussion. I don't get to play it much, and living in Australia I'm normally sailing with one or two other people.

I've managed to improve my mark roundings (but I'm not sure if thats causes the controls are better) and I can now consistenly beat the bots, I'm often waxed downwind by the real people though.

Been having a couple of team races lately - which I really loved as I have never done that in real sailing, and there is something exciting about planing at full pace into another boat.

Anonymous said...

talking while racing is an important form of distraction. Its fun to exchange comments with a port tack boat and see if they'll take the bait.

Far too often I'm desperatley trying to find esc to close the message window so I can steer again.

Your tactical tips are pretty solid, keep them going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tillerman,

Joined today. How do you get a GBR flag? Its noticeable how much faster other people are going downwind than me.

I remember you from Menorca- didn't know who you were then! Fat boy quite nice when you get to know him. I was the guy who capsized on the beach at the start of the pursuit race.

Its always nice to put a face to a name. Good to see you on Tacticat this evening.


Anonymous said...

Meant to say joined Tacticat today!!!


Tillerman said...

Hi Laster, good to hear from you. You can get a GBR flag by putting GBR as your country in the sailor profile in Tacticat.

Downwind speed in Tacticat Lasers is all about choosing an angle that will get you on the plane and keep you planing. It depends on wind strength. In medium winds I just aim at the opposite direction from the upwind layline. In stronger winds it will plane on the downwind "layline" (i.e. close to dead downwind). I suspect that there's more to it than that but I'm still learning too.

I'm sure Fat Boy is a nice guy. I feel a bit guilty now that I wrote such a mean caricature choosing to emphasise certain aspects of his appearance and one chance comment.

Actually I almost wrote a post about you Laster... maybe I still will?

Anonymous said...

I thank you for posting about Tacticat on your blog or SA or Destination One Design (cannot recall where I first read it). The tips were a good into to the game which is fantastic. However I need to ask if you are aware of any support groups for Tacticrack addicts?

Also, I need to heed your advice about not typing and racing. So many times I've hit enter to end my 'message' only to find that I've turned laylines and wind off and eased the sheet in addition to tacking onto port fouling another boat!

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