Sunday, February 25, 2007

Laser SB3

If I still lived in the UK and if for some reason I grew tired of racing a Laser then I suspect I might seriously consider switching to the Laser SB3. Not because it has the Laser trademark but because it seems that it retains so much of the Laser philosophy of combining fun, convenience and strict one-design rules.

More information here and a couple of videos here and here.

But I live in the US (where there is no SB3 activity as far as I know). And after 25 years my enthusiasm for the original Laser shows no sign of flagging so I guess I will stick with it for another 25 years.


Anonymous said...

Couple SB3 videos here:

As well as some kick ass I14 videos.

Anonymous said...

Now that Vanguard has been aquired by Gavel (holding company of Laser International) there's a good chance that the USA may now get the SB3. It's just been introduced to the Australian market as the Dart SB3 (for trademark purposes I presume).

Anonymous said...

Further to the above - In fact Vanguard already has some in the USA see

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Vanguard during the US Sailing Team Racing Championships.. The SB3 is coming to the states. The first few will be here before the end of 2007. This would be a great boat for the United States. Hopefully some fleets start-up around the Great Lakes.

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