Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ice Optimists

Someone got the idea to put an Optimist rig on an iceboat hull. Result: ice sailing for kids.

Waiting for the start

They're off!

Rounding the windward mark

Does that look like fun kiddies or what?


bonnie said...

Looks great. Hey, wasn't there another race this weekend? Up Cockenoe way? The symposium yesterday was fun, I only left out about 3 majorly crucial points from my picking-a-paddle presentation and I was able to do all the rolls I was asked to do during the rolling demo (including the hand-roll, which is something quite different in kayaking than in Japanese cuisine) but it was sad to be inside!

Hoping to maybe lure TQ out for a paddle next Sunday (didn't get out this week) - maybe we'll get over to the gate (& thanks for the good advice, of course that's the perfect place to try to get some pics).

Tillerman said...

Didn't go out this weekend either so not sure what was happening near Cockenoe. I do hope to be there next Sunday so maybe I'll see you.

Fred said...

Glad you found the Ice Optis.They are great. Just back from Estonia, we had a couple of them cheering us in our DN European Championship.

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