Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Seasons of the Blog

Fascinating post today on Darren Rowse's blog about Seasonal Blogging. His point is that blogs naturally go through seasons...
  • Winter - tough times, hard to keep going, when many bloggers give up

  • Spring - renewal of energy, time to launch new features

  • Summer - just coasting along, the living is easy

  • Autumn - time for change, cut out dead wood, new directions.

I think his point is that these phases don't necessarily follow nature's seasons but for a sailing blog, at least for this sailing blog, it seems to me that they do. Winter is a tough time to write about sailing -- mainly because I'm not doing much sailing at this time of year. This blog drifts off into drivel about various realms of utter nonsense or even a whole series of posts about playing a sailing computer game.

But Spring is just around the corner... Hang in there dear readers. Things will look up and there will eventually be some stuff worth reading about here.

By the way, at the bottom of Darren's post there are some links to some of his older posts which have tips about what you can do if you are stuck in "bloggers' winter"!

Does your blog go through seasons? What season are you in now?


Moore #114 said...

absolutely. It's tougher when you have a site that is one dimensional. Otherwise you could always write new poetry. But how many new sailing pics are you going to have in January

Frankie Perussault said...

Actually life too goes thru seasons... One track minded blogs can get tedious to write and to read, I guess... I don't mind a variety of topics, no matter what season.

Mallard said...

Utter nonsense? My whole life is filled with the stuff - and I thrive on it! whoo hoo!

Ya, definitely, my blogging is seasonal. At the moment I'm going thru a bit of a "Spring Renaissance" and posting furiously, and cleaning the place up as well. Like a spring clean of your blog? Hmmm...

A lot of times I try working thru a 'meme' to help me out of a blogging winter.. sometimes works, othertimes no.

Mal :)

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