Friday, March 09, 2007

The Zen of Sailing - 1949 Style

August 1949. Tillerman was still in diapers and hadn't learned to walk yet. Life Magazine carried an article about a new boat, the Sailfish.

How do you like that hiking style? And the head back eyes closed sailing posture? Zen-like indeed. Perhaps I should try that in the Laser next time I go racing?

Joe Rouse, is that a topless wahine I see on the foredeck? That could be your grandmother.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the Sailfish was the Hoot of it's day.

I actually sailed one of these is like a Sunfish with no cockpit and about half as thick. Hiking is almost impossible because there's nowhere to hook your feet to get leverage. It was fun and wet even on a small lake though.

Anonymous said...

I actually own two sailfish. I just sold a third sunfish.

I've yet to take them out sailing, but the hiking problem doesn't seem too bad with some after market modifications. They are supposed to have wooden rails on each side.

If I WERE to modify them (I'm not sure I am going to yet), I would take off the wooden rails and put hiking straps right on the deck so that you would put your feet under the far side strap to hike.

I also have to get my hands on a decent sail. One of the sails I have is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen. It's a fake sunfish sail that doesn't even fit on the spars. The other sail I have is pretty decent. I have all the hardware and one (old) trailer.

I'll try to get some pictures when I go home today (yay spring break!).

Anonymous said...

Isn't a Hoot a castrated Moth?

Gran would never have been caught dead on a board boat, she was strictly a multi-hull girl.

PeconicPuffin said...

I fell in love with sailing on a Sailfish (or a Sunfish...I can't remember.) What I remember was the magic of moving through the water while I held on to the tiller and the sheet. Fantastic! Ultimately transferred that passion to windsurfing.

Now, had there been the forward-mounted wahine, I might have stayed with the boat thing.


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