Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Are You Sad?

"Are you sad to be leaving?" That's what everyone asked us when they heard that we had sold our rambling old house in New Jersey and were preparing to move out. They expected us to be sentimental about the house, full of memories of raising a family and many other happy times. They thought that we would be heavy-hearted to move out of a dwelling that our realtor described as "stately" and even "majestic" in typical real estate hyperbole.

But the truth is that we are not sad. It is time to move on. We did live almost twenty years in that one house. Longer than I have ever lived in one house in my life. And they were good years. But we are ready for change and looking forward to a new life in a new place.

I will miss some things from my time in New Jersey. Being able to see the lake where I sailed from my bathroom window while shaving every morning. Running trails around the lakes in town. The three sailing clubs to which I belonged or where I worked as an instructor. The annual circuit of Sunfish and Laser regattas at familiar locations around the state. And most of all, the other sailors I knew from sailing in that area, many of them good friends. But I sincerely hope to see some of them at regattas over the coming years. And who knows, if we buy a house within striking distance of Newport or Hyannis or Buzzards Bay we will be able to be able to host our New Jersey sailing friends when they compete here in New England.

No, we are not sad.


Anonymous said...

I take it you're moving to get closer to the granddaughter.. :D

Anonymous said...

That sounds great.

Anonymous said...

New home = new sailing locations = new adventures = new experiences = new things to write about on Proper Course!!!

Good luck with the move and be sure to pack the laser with you.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Enjoy your new location, but always treasure the memories and the friendships and associations you will always have with your old location.
Mal :)

John said...

I am not a big sailor yet... but enjoy seeing and hearing about the trips. We are right on Lake Michigan and should really take more advantage of it. My 8 year old son is taking sailing lessons for the second year. Keep up the blogging

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Pat said...

So, if you've been so busy moving, does that mean you've missed the latest edition of Sailing World, focusing on the Laser? And Bruce Kirby's article, titled something like "World's Greatest Raceboat"? Gee, does the boat's designer count as quite objective?

Tillerman said...

My Sailing World hasn't been forwarded to my new address yet but I did see it in a bookshop today. I thought Kirby's article was entirely objective and factual. I also liked the article by Till(er)man. (Great name Dick).

Who knows, if I'd gone to the Masters regattas in Florida I might have been in that photo along with Frazier, Wattis, Seidenberg and Van Rossen. On second thoughts I'd probably have been half a leg behind them.

Pat said...

And, for non-sailors, half a leg is a lot further than a nose behind.

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