Monday, April 02, 2007

Not Dreaming About Sailing All Day

This used to be a blog about sailing. It was easy to write because I thought about sailing (almost) every day. (Damn Tim Coleman for thinking of the best title for such a blog before I did.) Or if I didn't have an original thought about sailing, or had some sailing experience to recount, I usually spotted some weird item of interest on the web about some watery pursuit. So the blog almost wrote itself.

The last couple of weeks I have completed the first part of moving house. We sold our big old family house in New Jersey, put most of our worldly goods in storage, and moved to temporary accommodation in southern New England to search for a new house in this area. Truth is the move has been in the works for several months now. I did consider writing here about all the trials and tribulations of selling and buying houses and moving... but that would have made it a very different blog.

But the process of moving has occupied much of my mental focus for the past few weeks... not to mention it has been quite physically tiring too. And though I would never have expected it, the focus on moving house has not only meant I haven't had time to go sailing since my trip to the Dominican Republic in January, it has also meant I haven't even been daydreaming about sailing. And so the blog writing has dried up.

Will the random thoughts on sailing start again and give me something to write about here? I certainly hope so.

However it is amazing how being homeless concentrates the mind on searching for a new home. Perhaps I will write about that. Because as well as all of the usual criteria anyone would use to select an area to live and a house to buy, I have the sailing checklist too. What kind of sailing do they do in this town? How far is it from the nearest active Laser fleet? Where would I keep my boat? Where is the nearest boat ramp? Can I see water? Do the neighbors have boats?

So we will see what happens. This blog is not closed.


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Oh no, buying and moving house is a huge undertaking! Don't feel bad about your blog. Don't become a 'slave' to blogging, not for one second - do it because you enjoy it :)

Hope you find somewhere greatb to sail too - in your own good time.

Thanx and cyalayta
Mal :)

Anonymous said...

It's a bloody good thing that this blog is alive and kicking.
Good luck on finding new digs.

note: Why is bloody such a no no
in the UK?

PeconicPuffin said...

My wife and I took much longer than we had hoped to find a house, and for me the sailing (windsurfing) questions and issues were significant. In the end we got what we needed and are quite happy, but we had to look and look and look.

Tillerman said...

Thanks for the encouragement puffin and Mal. Historically my wife an I have usually taken a long time to find a new house. We are always searching for that perfect combination of all the factors and are reluctant to compromise too soon.

Joe - I've no idea what you mean. I haven't lived in the UK for almost 20 years but when I was there, the sanguinary modifier was used frequently by some people and gave little offence. It's sort of equivalent to the way some folk use the F-word in American English but is not as offensive. I did find one American/British slang guide that said Americans should avoid using "bloody" as they sound silly. Just as I do when I call someone dude, dude.

"Raps" said...

You have a great blog tiller man, I agree with team gherkin. Blog because it's fun. I hope things go well with the move.

EVK4 said...

Dude, I just figured you were totally bummed for not making the whole 26 mile run and to make up for it, you just started to run and hadn't come back yet. 2 weeks later that theory was getting a bit stretched, but you are usually committed to your goals.

JP said...

Good luck with the move - I've been in my new flat for 4 months and still got boxes to unpack.

These things take time, and anyhow the water is cold this time of year.

Anonymous said...

If you want something tiring, try BUILDING a house.

Anyway... Sailing is haunting my dreams (both day and night). I finally get out to some nice match racing at the naval academy this upcoming weekend. Should be fun.

Carol Anne said...

So glad to see your blog is "not dead yet" and neither are you.

Pat and I have learned that moving is a major pain. I must agree with jsw225, however, that building a house is an even greater hassle than buying one that already exists -- and that was even though we took the easy way and had a manufactured home built and installed.

At least the results were worth the trouble -- we ended up with something not quite perfect, but pretty darn close to exactly what we wanted.

Pat said...

We've gotten off lucky; when the books ran us out of our house we set up a vacation cabin near a lake to handle the overflow. That was enough stress.

But we had friends who had a home built near Lake Lewisville, Texas ... as in hot ... and the architect forgot to put in the ducting for their air conditioning. The mistake wasn't caught until the home was halfway built.

Zen said...

Yeah, sometimes life gets in the way of sailing!

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