Monday, April 30, 2007

Stream of Consciousness

Driving to the regatta on Sunday my mind started wandering...

What I should have been thinking about. What does the weather forecast say? Is the wind from the direction the forecast says? Which direction are the clouds moving? What is likely to happen to the weather? What time is low tide? What does that mean for the current on the course? What happened last time I sailed at this location? What do I need to do differently if the conditions are similar? What are the aspects of boat-handling on which I need to concentrate? Let's run through my starting routine a few times in my head. Think acceleration. What will I be looking for in the first beat? Remember to keep checking the wind over the course. Remember to plan a strategy for the run before the windward mark. Play the waves downwind. Remember what you learned in Cabarete. I will be the inside boat at the leeward mark even if I have to slow down to go fast. Think controlled aggression. I will hike hard on the beats. I will be smooth in the boat. I will execute perfect roll tacks. Think fast. Think positive.

What I was actually thinking about. I wonder if that hub on the trailer is going to run out of grease. When was that telephone bill due -- should I have paid it this week? Wish I had bought a new sail. What time is that meeting tomorrow morning? I should have replaced that fraying line in the vang -- hope it doesn't break today. Geeze my eyesight is getting worse -- I should have bought some new glasses. What junction do I need to leave the highway? Looks like rain, did I pack my spray-top? Whoa -- where did that car come from? Is it going to blow hard today -- I haven't worked out for ages and may not be able to hike hard enough. The house-hunting isn't going very well -- are we ever going to find a house we want to buy? Damn -- I forget to rub down those rough spots on the daggerboard. When is the car next due for a service? Did I pack any sailing gloves? What's going wrong with the Yankees this year? Will I be able to catch the end of today's game on the radio driving home? Who will be at the regatta? This has the reputation of being a tough fleet -- I don't expect I will do very well. What on earth am I going to blog about tomorrow?


Carol Anne said...

Interesting that many of your thoughts on the way to the regatta were similar to mine; just replace "Yankees" with "Isotopes" and maybe a couple of other minor changes.

My thoughts on the way home, however, were unprintable. I hope your regatta went better than mine.

Tim said...

Welcome to my world!

JSW225 said...

Mahnamahna. Dodooodododo.
Mahnamahna. Dodododo.
Mahnamahna. Dodooodododo,dododo,doo doo doooo doo.

That about sums up my thoughts at any given moment.

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