Monday, June 16, 2008

Hostile Takeover

I followed a link to this blog back to Blogshares, the fantasy blog stock market, and discovered not only that the valuation of this blog is B$3,168,403.90 (whatever that means) but also that TAHOEJimbo420 performed a hostile takeover of this blog at a total cost of B$1,276,932,897.04 on 20 Apr 2008.

TAHOEJimbo420 now owns 80% of this blog. And, if those staggering B$ sums are to be believed, he made an amazingly bad investment having paid about 400 times market valuation for his new toy.

Anyway in light of this new situation I need to go and check my bank account to see if that transfer of
B$1,276,932,897.04 to my account has gone through yet. I will then be taking a well-deserved retirement from blogging while spending my B$ somewhere on a Caribbean island with Tillerwoman and a bottle of tequila. Hope you enjoy reading what TAHOEJimbo420 has to say here about Laser sailing.

So it's Goodnight from me and it's Goodnight from him.


EVK4 said...

wouldn't a hostile takeover be kind of adverse to a deadhead's life philosophy? Why would he do that? And how? Do you think he'll sail with a hemp sail?

Carol Anne said...

Not just a hemp sail ... a tie-dyed hemp sail.

Anonymous said...

The mind boggles. Am I just the plaything of some capitalistic deadhead pig? Does he know something I don't know about the future success of this blog? Why did he think I was worth 400 times current valuation? I feel dirty that I can be bought by a total stranger. The mind boggles.

Carol Anne said...

Actually, we have a sailor at Elephant Butte (Captain Groovy) who has tie-dyed his mainsail. But he says he doesn't need any outside substances to reach an alternative state of consciousness -- that's why he gets regular disability checks from the VA.

As for why a deadhead would pay 400 times the blog's worth ... well, he's alternatively conscious.

Anonymous said...

Unless you go buy Noah Bawdy or Handman I have no problem with you, HTO's are a basic part of the game, and low stocks can be manipulated, wink wink. PM me your handle and I will gladly gift it back, this deadhead is worth over 4o trillion, so I can piss people of when I want...and be just as generous.
tahoejimbo420 (just cus I am a deadhead don't mean I don't understand money and finance,wifey is a CPA)

Tillerman said...

Oh hi. What do I call you Mr tahooejimbo420 seeing as you own 80% of me? Boss? Sir? Mr Chairman?

And please note sir that I enjoy writing this blog so I hope you don't fire me for calling you a deadhead. It wasn't me that called you a deadhead first. It was that Edward. He means well but he comes from California.

Pat said...

Actually, Edward comes from NORTHERN California -- true deadhead country; you can take their history all the way back to Jerry Garcia closing out the Monterey Pops Festival back around '67-ish. And, even without mind-altering substances, from all I've heard the waves, wind, weather, currents, and shipping are pretty mind-bending for sailors used to flatter waters.

And then there's drop-dead-gorgeous Tahoe just a half day up the lane ... also on my want to sail list, even though friends of mine managed to lose a mast when trying to make do without a mast-raising pole.

Anonymous said...

I have been a deadhead since 1967 and they go back a couple more years.
I have no problem being one (I have many tye-dyes.
Blogshares is JUST a freaking game, I don't have any thing to do with what how or why you write. The more links you have going into and out of your blog determines the value, more readers higher share value.
And BTW there are plenty of Doctors,Lawyers, and Corporate stooges who throw on tye-dye for a show and shake their bones with all us plain old hippies...
And believe me, we have no problem with capitalisim as long as our brothers and sisters who aren't as fortunate can be helped along too.
And I sail too, love them Hobies on our crystal blue waters(visibility is 70 feet down.)

Tillerman said...

Oh thanks Mr Chairman Sir Tahoejimbo420. I'm pleased to discover that Blogshares is only a game and that you don't really own 80% of me.

Is there anything I can do to help you succeed in the game? I assume that if I can drive up my value in B$ it will help you? But how? And, by the way, what made you buy this humble little blog? Did you spot untapped potential of some kind?

tahoejimbo420 said...

I chose your blog because of the amount of links, the more the better. A, if I didn't own it someone else playing would/did.B, the writing and subject is interesting and I like sailing, the wind is free. Other people find your blog interesting and link to you, drives share price up.
Happy sailing!

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