Monday, June 16, 2008

An End to Goals

There were eleven participants in our recent group writing project about Sailing Goals... not counting one person who emailed me originally to tell me how excited he was about the subject, but then emailed me again today to say he had failed in his goal to write about sailing goals. Oh well.

As I had anticipated some of you decided to challenge the whole concept of having goals in relation to a relaxing pastime like sailing.

Captain JP asked Sailing Goals - What Goals? and protested that the concept of a goal "is slightly against the whole spirit of just doing it for the fun of it."

Pat thinks that "the whole notion of goals seems a bit too Type A" for the kind of sailing he enjoys and in sailing-goal-like-thingies told us about his plans for a hammock.

Likewise in My Goal Post Carol Anne explained why she has a "goal not to have a goal".

Mondale just wants to get back on the water and talked about his plans to do some Warm Beering, Cold Beering.

Bonnie pointed out that "boating is something I do for the enjoyment" and said she has Little Goals for her kayaking this year, including paddling ten miles a week.

Soulsailor wondered how to set his priorities for sailing this year, particularly the balance between Open Meetings vs Club Racing, and how to spend more time with SoulCrew.

David Anderson wrote in Lessons from Race 4 and Some New Training Goals about his training goals for an upcoming regatta.

Zen had a whole list of goals in Goals 08' and a big one for 2011.

I contributed some
Muddled Musings on Sailing Goals.

Jos told us in a unique style about Sailing toward a Goal?

And last but not least we have Edward who puts us all to shame with his goal to cross an ocean this year. However he also has some Secondary Sailing Goals, including seeing his daughter sail by herself and taking a moonlight sail.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Now I have a goal to think of a subject for next month's project.

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