Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Moonlight, Warm Beer, Whiskeytown and Hamster Wheels

Our group writing project on Sailing Goals is off to a flying start with four talented boating writers crossing the line right after the gun.

Almost OCS but actually winning the start was Edward with Secondary Sailing Goals, a reminder that even if you have a big ass main goal like "cross an ocean" it's also good to maintain balance by having some broader goals such as seeing your kid sail by herself or taking a moonlight sail. Edward also breaks the news about who is really behind the most controversial decision in Olympic sailing this year.

Mondale just wants to get back on the water as often as possible, a fine goal. He has some specific plans and some "partners in crime" to go with him. I look forward especially to reading on his blog later this summer about how he succeeds with his aim to do some Warm Beering, Cold Beering.

David Anderson has been racing his Megabyte in the Whiskeytown Regatta and, after a few learning experiences there, has developed some training goals for the upcoming High Sierra Regatta. I can definitely relate to most of his Lessons from Race 4 and Some New Training Goals. Sail faster downwind? Get in better shape? Learn to roll tack properly? I'm with you dude.

Bonnie's article about Little Goals is ostensibly about kayaking rather than sailing, but has some lessons for all of us Type-A personalities who sometimes take our sports a little too seriously. She has written about why chasing high-ticket dreams is not right for her just now; and why what she describes as a "little goal", paddling ten miles a week, makes more sense. As she so wisely says, "I think I should just chill a bit, I'm stressing out over this a lot and first and foremost boating is something I do for the enjoyment." Something we should all remember.

Great stuff. Keep the stories coming. Full instructions on how you can participate in this project at Sailing Goals.


bonnie said...

Yep...that universal, archetypal boater Ratty didn't say anything about "winning in boats". Or "getting sponsors for things you do in boats". Or "breaking records in boats".

Nope. It was just plain "messing about in boats" that was the thing that there was "nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing".

That's what I have to remind myself sometimes when I slip into striving...

It's supposed to be FUN!

bonnie said...

Thanks for the moment of focus btw. Good topic!

Zen said...

Always the show off that Ed :-)

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