Monday, May 25, 2009

Final List of Lists

Five more contributions to our group writing project Lists came in before yesterday's deadline...

High school sailing coach Yarg from Apparent Wind has
more words of wisdom with Five Ways to Improve Your Regatta Score Without Really Sailing Any Better.

And here are some ideas from Yarg's whole team who have 11 Reasons to Love High School Sailing.

David of Small Boat Sailing Adventures tells us Four Things My Dad Did That I'm to Chicken to Do. Hmmm.

I was pleased to hear from the legendary O Docker who has Seven Things That Would Make Joe Rouse's Blog Even Better. Classic O Docker brilliance!

And then from the aforementioned Joe Rouse, after a series of posts whining about how apparently I was forcing him to write a list, we have 6 Reasons Why I Don't Have A Sailing List. I guess, for all his bluster about me, that even Joe likes a bit of Proper Course link love. And what a list he has: one drunk, one fish, two dogs, six comfortable boats, and nine female bottoms. What else did you expect from The Horse?

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