Thursday, December 31, 2009

Divers Do It Deeper

As I mentioned in Snorkelers Do It Through A Tube, the Bitter End Yacht Club is not just for sailors. If you want to "do it deeper" you can go scuba diving. You can learn to dive there and they run trips every day to "beautiful dive sites" and "exhilarating wrecks".

Hmmm. I'm tempted to make some off-color comment about "exhilarating wrecks" I have met... but I won't. This is a family blog.

Anyway, the BEYC website says you can go scuba diving there. And there is a Kilbrides Dive shop in the resort. But here's what's really weird: to the best of my knowledge, I have never met any divers in my four stays at BEYC.

I wonder why that is? Are divers naturally standoffish people? Don't they mingle with other guests in the bar and at meals? Are they so knackered from "doing it deeper" all day that they just crash out in the evenings? Or do they look down on us non-divers so much that they are too modest to talk about their diving even when you do meet them? It's a mystery.

I've never done any scuba diving. I tend to avoid pursuits like parachuting, or flying gliders, or scuba diving where one stupid clumsy mistake can kill you. In my other sports I make stupid clumsy mistakes quite often. When I'm sailing my Laser and make a stupid clumsy mistake it usually means I will get wet. My suspicion is that if you make a stupid clumsy mistake when you are diving you could quite easily end up dead.

I bet diving is fun... but probably not as much fun as sailing.

And that's all I have to say about diving.


Dan Gurney said...

But you say in your masthead, "Cheat the nursing home. Die on your Laser." I suppose that would be a good way to go, and a sure capsize.

Tillerman said...

It's pretty hard to do anything so stupid on a Laser that it will kill you. I'm planning on having a massive instant painless heart attack while surfing down a 15 foot wave at the age of 92 in the last race of the 2040 Laser Masters Worlds.

Dan Gurney said...

Sounds good. 2040, on Tomales Bay, California. I'll be right behind you, and capsize right behind.

JP said...

I've done two diving holidays and they were great fun. The way that air expands in your lungs means that getting to the surface should be doable in most situations.

Having done scuba then snorkelling doesn't seem anyway as much fun, but I guess it is a lot easier to arrange.

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