Friday, December 18, 2009

Surfing Pun of the Day

He also surfs who only stands and wades.


Tillerman said...

So here's a question for all you "natural navigators" out there. Based on the angle and length of the shadow and any other clues, what can you deduce about the time of day, time of year, and location of this photo?

Clue #1: It is known as an excellent location for surfing.

(Anyone of of my friends and family who knows the answer, please hold your thoughts for now.)

Joe said...

More clues please. What month was the photo taken? What direction are you facing? What is the most popular drink at the location?

Tillerman said...

You have a point Joe. There are probably too many variables to make an intelligent guess. So let me provide a few more clues...

Clue #2: My shirt is promoting rum from Puerto Rico

Clue #3: The photo was taken in the morning.

Clue #4: The sea temperature was 68 degrees F.

Clue #5: Only one of the above clues is really of any help.

Pat said...

Does one of the clues help with (n/s) hemisphere?

Tillerman said...

Excellent question Pat. How would one distinguish between a picture taken in the northern hemisphere and its "mirror image" in the southern?

BeachComber said...

In the northern hemisphere, your shadow will always be to the north, unless it's summer and close to dawn or dusk, which we know it isn't because your shadow isn't very long.

I'm going to assume you're in the northern hemisphere, in which case you're facing south (sun to the south east). So you'd be on the north shore.

North shore of Oahu, maybe?

For the tropics, your shadow is reasonably long, so I'd guess it's winter time.

Carol Anne said...

I'd say BeachComber is right about the time of the year and the latitude, but way off on the longitude. I'm guessing the photo was taken sometime in the past two weeks, on one of the beachy stretches at the east end of Virgin Gorda. The camera is facing north, and it's about 10 in the morning. Oh, and the clue about it being in the morning does pin it down to the northern hemisphere. If this were the southern hemisphere, it would be June, the camera would be facing south, and the shadow would extend to your left, or else the time would be about 2 p.m.

BeachComber said...

[In the mean time, I've been out clubbing and come back.] It could the BVI, but I don't think it would be Virgin Gorda because from google maps, it looks like there's a reef north of the island. So, it would have to be another island. Such is the skulduggery of Tillerman, that this could be the case. But such is his cunning and guile that he would have anticipated us guessing the BVI from the timing, and maybe saw the chance to trick us. Therefore, I'll take a punt on my original answer.

I believe based on the position of the shadow that it could be in the southern hemisphere. In this case Tillerman would be facing east on a westerly shore. I think this unlikely, but in that case he could be north of Capetown, or maybe somewhere around Perth. Who knows, maybe there is a famous surfing beach somewhere in Chile?

Tillerman said...

Beachcomber has it. I am in the southern hemisphere facing east on a westerly shore, in a place well know to surfers called Yallingup which is indeed near Perth in Western Australia. Behind me is the Indian Ocean, several thousand miles of ocean until you reach South Africa. And the month was December (southern hemisphere summer.)

The year was 2000. (There's even a clue to that. I have even less hair now!)

Beachcomber is also right about Virgin Gorda. There is no surf like that on the windward facing side of Virgin Gorda because of reefs and other islands.

PeconicPuffin said...

I thought rum would figure more prominently in the answer.

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