Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Mince Pies

Captain JP has thrown down the challenge. He wants to have something to read on Xmas Day when he is is "stuffed full of mince pies" and asks, "What better than the cream of the crop of other blogs?" He suggests that others should list "their top blog entries of 2009." So for Captain JP, one of my favorite boating bloggers of all time, here are Tillerman's Top 3 Posts of 2009.

  1. Being basically a grumpy old geezer, I love a good rant. Ban Mommy Boats NOW is a good old rant at one of the greatest current threats to the spirit of Corinthian sailing, the grossly unfair and increasingly prevalent practice of sailors bringing surrogate "mommies" to wipe their noses and change their diapers at major regattas (metaphorically speaking of course.) "I'm mad as hell about Mommy Boats and I'm not going to take it any more."

  2. I haven't sailed much this year, mainly because I'm a wimp... and lazy to boot. 10 Reasons Why I (Almost) Gave Up Sailing This Year is the sad pathetic tale of my inadequacies in this area. But it did generate a lot of very helpful comments on how to overcome my sailing funk.

  3. Proper Course: The Laser Experience! was a response to another blogging challenge from Captain JP. It's all about how you can come and sail with me and learn the skills of mediocrity, laziness, ineptitude and procrastination that have made me the world-renowned Laser racing failure that I am today. Surprisingly nobody has yet taken me up on my offer. Maybe in 2010?

Bah! Humbug! And get off my lawn!


Ken Douglas said...

I thought I'd emerge from lurking - had your blog on my RSS feed for an age and it's my clear favourite - to wish you a very happy Christmas (and one free of Christmas music)

Thanks for all the insights, fun, rants and everything else!!!

May the winds of good fortune keep your sheets forever taught!


tillerman said...

Thanks Ken. The number of people who get the blog via RSS and email is about 4 or 5 times the number who actually visit the blog directly... and more than 100 times the number of people who leave comments, even on a good day. So it's always good to hear from you lurkers! Happy Christmas to you too.

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