Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodbye Strange Month

And so the last day of March brings Strange Blogging Month to an end.

"In like a lion, out like a lamb," they say about March, whoever "they" are. I have no idea what that saying means. Or if it has any relevance at all to the topic of this post. But it seemed like a strange thing to say, so I said it.

It's been a learning experience, trying to achieve the goal of writing a post every day on the theme of STRANGE. At times it has seemed artificial, and I have had to stretch and strain to twist a subject around a bit to fit it into the theme. But stretching and straining is good. It's what we do at the gym, after all. (Not that I go the gym.) And I think it's been good exercise to stretch my writing muscles into performing some different, and sometimes difficult, contortions.

Some of you would probably say that this blog has always been pretty strange. There's some truth in that. I do like to point out the absurdities and quirkiness of our sport of sailing (and other matters). I've always said I don't want to write about sailing races in that "I went right, the wind went left, right was wrong" style that is all so prevalent in typical race reports. So this month we've had posts about such varied topics as the role of professionals in racing, the last gasp from the 33rd America's Cup (I hope), the earth's magnetic field, boat names, standing up in sailing dinghies and the evolutionary origins of human altruism and how that affects sailboat racing.

I hope you enjoyed the long, strange trip.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Andrew said...

Has it only been one month?

Pat said...

Probably won't get much less strange.

But, then who trusts anything they see today?

Verification: ststifi
Is Saint Stifi the patron saint of all those who have been left with the bill or not gotten paid for a job?

jbushkey said...

I thought st stifi was the spokesperson for viagra?

Also the lion/lamb thing is very simple. At first you have a large cat with really bad breath. Then as things progress you end up with tasty meat that goes well with mint jelly... And know you know the rest of the story

Baydog said...

And then of course you have the April showers/May flowers deal, although this year it's been March Showers/April flowers.

I like my tasty meat with garlic and rosemary

Carol Anne said...

March is supposed to come in with violent weather and roaring winds, and then leave with nice, gentle, peaceful weather.

That's not how it was in New Mexico, where we were becalmed at the beginning of the month but have had seriously gusty winds the last couple of days.

verification word: comin ... I'se comin', massa, I'se comin ...

BeachComber said...

Indeed, Carol Anne. Also, lambs are born around this time of year.

Word verification: Tylingis. Newborn lambs are sometimes afflicted by tylingis, a mild infection of the upper respiratory tract.

Joe said...

Praise be the maker!

PeconicPuffin said...

It WAS a strange month, even by March standards. I'd say I'm glad it's over, but the truth is I'd like to go back and have another March...but a much BETTER one! That's the ticket.

Here's to your lion face.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

I don't know about elsewhere, but the month has been to lionesque for me this year. Lots of trouble even getting out of the slip, much less the harbor! Here's to April n' no foolin'!

TT said...

Glad for leaving the month of March behind, with all its rain and stormy weather. Now we do look forward to the long sailing season with joy.

Anonymous said...

"And the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb"

How strange is that?

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