Friday, April 02, 2010

It's a Buoy

I don't know if I mentioned before that we are expecting the arrival of our third grandchild in about three months. Thanks to the miracles of modern ultrasound technology, the parents have been informed that it's a boy. According to my niece in Australia who is in the business of using miscellaneous radiations to look inside people's bodies, the sexing of babies by this method depends on being able too see the appropriate boy bits. If they can't see the necessary male paraphernalia with the ultrasound, they can't really determine the gender. But if they can see the usual boy bits, they know it's a boy.

I'm not entirely convinced of the accuracy of this technology, but my daughter-in-law is. This week she even went shopping for clothes for her future son. She obviously agrees with me about how important it is to indoctrinate children in all things nautical from an early age. Which is why I heartily approve of the "It's a Buoy" garment in the photo. Even if it turns out to be a Guirl.


carsten said...

maybe the prediction is wrong and it´s a buoy. then the shirt is right. congrats anyway ;-)

Dennis @ Marine Wholesales said...

oh, it's pretty accurate with boys. Congrats! Such a cool little outfit.

Baydog said...

Yes. If there's junk on the screen, then for sure it's a BOY.
Buoy is pronounced "Boo-ey" 'round these parts. Look...we've got a few hundred years of history behind us. Let's not try to transform things overnight, okay?
Love you man

Pat said...

Oh buoy!

JP said...

Congrats Tillerman - you got the pronunciation right!!

ps oh yes, and congrats on the grand-child

christina said...

yay! congratulations, good luck! I initially did not want to know the sex of my baby, but while looking around, the ultrasound technician said, "Oh! there it is!" and voila, i knew.

B.J. Porter said...

Your niece generally has the right of it. It is much more likely to falsely determine it's a girl than the other, primarily because the "test" involves the visual confirmation of the appropriate equipment. If you see it, it's 99.99+% likely to likely to be a boy...if you don't see it, well you could still be overlooking that which might not be all that prominent in a fetal stage.

Congratulations either way!

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