Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Golden Cloud and E-Rules

Here are the first two entries in the April group writing project, Sailing in the Second Space Age, in which you were invited to speculate on what sailing on the waters of Earth will be like when human beings are landing on asteroids and exploring Mars.

Sam Chapin writes a blog called How to Sail the Laser, which is a wonderful source of sensible, practical advice on... well, how to sail the Laser of course. But for our futuristic writing project he has written a much more imaginative piece. The title LASER GUY STOPS WEARING HIS LIFE JACKET is an accurate, if somewhat misleadingly mundane, title for the account of how and where Sam imagines he will be sailing 15 years from now. He has even drawn a picture of his vision of his future. Actually I hope he's wrong, but if he isn't, I wish him fair winds racing into the sunset on his golden cloud with Chris, Francis and Arthur.

Jos Spijkerman writes Look to Windward, the best blog on the planet about the Racing Rules of Sailing, also full of excellent, useful information for the racing sailor. Jos has let his imagination run wild in speculating about how his field of interest will have changed in the next 25 years. Don't let the title of his entry Transcriptburst > 2034-10-21-14:03:09-LTW-RRS-P17-Mech12-v-Harder^2 scare you off from reading it. It's all about how systems for location tracking of yachts and automated rule interpretation will fundamentally change the Racing Rules and how they are enforced. Fascinating stuff. Except it was a topic I was thinking of addressing myself in the next day or two, before Jos beat me to it. Damn him!

There's plenty of time for you to write something for this group writing project. Give it a shot. Full details of how to enter at Sailing in the Second Space Age.

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