Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Five More Futures...

Five more entries today in our April group writing project Sailing in the Second Space Age.

Welcome to first-time contributor, the author of Master of None, who describes himself as "an urban technophile with a music fetish who is also a finance geek." He has written a fascinating article on the predicted future rise of commercial sailing vessels in April 2025: Cargo Cat Debut Heralds Second Age of Sail.

Some_day_soling, who writes a blog called Skipper of the Starboard Racing Vessel, admits that there will be advances in the materials used in our boats but feels that the sport will essentially stay the same. However, she does predict that sailing will become more popular because the exploration of our solar system in the coming decades will awaken the spirit for exploring among the people left on the ground, and they will find an outlet for that in sailing. I hope she is right. Check out Maybe Sailing and Mars are Equally as Awesome.

Joe Rouse of The Horse's Mouth takes a shot at the subject in The Tillerman Time Space Continuum. What Will Sailing Be Like In The Future (2025)? in which he warns us of the dangers of "playing with the space and time thingy" and advises us to "be here be now".

David Anderson of David Anderson's Small Boat Sailing Adventures doesn't see a lot of change coming to Sailing in 2025 because "tradition and resistance to change are sailing's strongest forces." Hmmm.

Finally, the legendary (and possibly delusional), O Docker takes A Glimpse Into The Future and like David Anderson concludes that "sailing will be pretty much the same old same old." He would like to think that he and other keelboat sailors will have replaced their smelly, unreliable engines with electric motors, but based on his deep knowledge of electrical engineering warns us of the difficulties of solving the encabulation problem. Double hmmm.

Now it's your turn. Write anything you like about sailing (or any other aspect of recreational boating) in the years 2025 to 2035. Full details of how to participate at Sailing in the Second Space Age. Entries accepted up to the end of April.

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