Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through My Mind As I Tried To Think of Something To Write For The April Group Writing Project

10. Sailing in the Second Space Age? Who thought up that subject?

9. 2035? Let's see I'll be.... ummm.... 87.

8. What's the chance I'll still be sailing a Laser when I'm 87?

7. Maybe I could write about all the operations I will need... artificial hips, artificial knees, artificial eyes... to still be sailing Lasers then. Eyes? They will have complete artificial eye implants by 2035 won't they?

6. Let's see, Peter Seidenberg will be 97. He'll probably still be beating me.

5. Maybe I could just write about one of my grandkids? Emily 'Bones' Garvey - doctor of space medicine on the 2034 UNASA mission to Phobos - first woman to land on a Martian moon.

4. Or I could write about the continuing decline of sailing, and how the average of age of yacht club members is now 89, and how we need to find a way of attracting the youngsters in their 60's into the sport.

3. Or maybe a spoof on all those wooden boat nostalgia blogs with a post about how old duffers in 2035 are spending their time restoring classic fiberglass dinghies from the 1960's and 70's.... the beautiful sheen on polished gelcoat...
the evocative scent of polyester resin...

2. Geeze. This subject is hard.

1. Who said I have to write an entry myself anyway?


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Tillerman said...

Married name.

Pat said...

Good writing takes time.

So can bad writing.

Jbushkey said...

What about the reemergence of sailing on a large scale? Oil prices are going no place but up. Maybe we will be seeing the return of the tall ships. I don't think the jet skiers will switch to sailing, but some of the power boaters who like to get out on the lake and turn the engine off might.

I constantly hear the argument that "they" will come up with something to replace oil. Perhaps they will, but maybe they won't. We already had electric cars. The electric grid can barely handle the load now. Imagine what 100 million cars plugged in at night would do. Hydrogen fuel cells, ethanol, natural gas, etc. These ideas come and go because they just aren't workable.

Shesails.net said...

Hey, are you implying that there is no magic and romance in a well-buffed fiberglass hull? I thought I could only ever love wooden boat until my friend Cam taught me how to use a power buffer. Now I walk down the street and slow down to check out the wax job on a car. :)

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