Saturday, March 13, 2010

It Seems That I Have Always Been Strange

I was beginning to wonder if it was a wise move to take on the challenge to write a post every day this month on the theme STRANGE. I mean, there might be some people who come to this blog to read serious sailing tips like how to roll tack a Laser or serious sailing news about how the America's Cup is coming to Newport. These people might not like a whole month of strange posts.

But then I checked back in my archives. And I realised that I've always been strange.

Four years ago in March 2006 I was posting a weird video of old geezers singing sea shanties, writing about how I had persuaded my old sailing club to hold a very strange ceremony, showing you the soles of my feet, and reporting a conversation overheard in the men's changing room on how to use KY Jelly. Not much serious sailing blogging there.

A year later in March 2007, I seemed to have an obsession with animals. I was reporting on surfing rodents, a land vehicle steered by a goldfish and more goldfish who had learned to do synchronized swimming. All very silly stuff.

It is true that a lot of my posts in March 2008 were devoted to very serious accounts of my very serious sailing in the very serious Laser Masters World Championships in Australia the previous month. But I also wrote an exceedingly strange post about the reproductive biology of animals of the family Leporidae. Warning: photo of inter-species sex.

It is also true that in March 2009 I wrote some very serious posts about my very serious training at a very serious sailing clinic in Florida including one about how I almost very seriously injured my finger. But fear not dear reader, I was still strange on some days. I wrote one very strange and wonkish post about a very strange racing rules situation. And another even stranger post that started talking about "my sisters Ho and Po", had a character called "Mister Dick", and ended up with the worst pun you have ever heard... and it had absolutely nothing to do with sailing. Very strange.

Yes. It seems that I have always been strange. This blog has always been strange. Get over it.


Capt. Puffy Pants said...

Nothing wrong with being "strange". Who wants to restrict one's interests to what society deems "normal". If we did there would probably not be a Proper Course blog and for sure not a Captain Puffy Pants character roaming around. So keep up the "strangeness", it's what makes your blog great.

Baydog said...

Eureka! THAT"S what Dick Tillman lacks. Strangeness!

BeachComber said...

Followers of my blog (all five of them!) may have noticed that the strangeness is spreading, in a weird, increasingly less subtle way...

Pat said...

I live in New Mexico; perhaps that's why nothing seems particularly strange.

At least our governor left New Mexico to watch a basketball game, so the state was able to get some anti-corruption legislation signed.

The O'Sheas said...

At a beach near Hana, day or two before Thanksgiving with Kris, I pointed out this guy in a santa hat. I thought he looked like Tiny Tim.

Kris said, "Isn't that guy dead?"

"Yeah, he's dead. If he weren't he'd be really old, but he looks like TT looked on Laugh-in, yeah?"


Later at the Hana Ranch Restaurant I repeated the story and the people there said, "Oh, that's Weird Al. He's in town."

Then it clicked with me that it WAS Weird Al.

Why didn't it click with me when he was wearing a santa hat at the beach in Hawaii?

Pandabonium said...

no no nO nO NO NOOO!

Zen said...

Yeah that's what I was saying..

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