Monday, November 08, 2010

Early Snow

The elk are coming down from the hills each morning.
The winter grazing's better here below.
The evening sky last night was like a warning.
It´s cold outside, looking like early snow this morning,
It´s cold outside, looking like early snow.


bonnie said...

Not quite cold enough here but I was looking at the sky while I was on my way to work this morning & I though "That looks like a snow sky".

Joel Taylor said...

Just a we bit of frosting on the local mountains here on the wet coast.

bonnie said...

Wow. I was right about the snow sky & wrong about not cold enough. It didn't last long but several co-workers & I just took a quick break to gawk at a snow shower.

Changed to sleet & then drizzle as we watched but it was definitely snow for a couple of minutes.

Pat said...

Saw a porcupine this weekend and heard coyotes yipping, but didn't see elk on the move.

Tillerman said...

We haven't seen many elk on the move in Rhode Island yet either.

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