Friday, November 19, 2010


OMG Granddad!

What's up Owen?

OMG! Did you see that cart going faster than the wind dead downwind?

Yes Owen. Amazing, isn't it?

Sure is Granddad. How does it do that?

I don't know Owen. I'm hoping one of the many smart readers of my blog will explain it to us.

OMG! I thought you knew everything Granddad?

Not quite everything Owen.

And another thing Granddad. What's the right acronym for this kind of sailing? I see the video in your post calls it DDFTTW. But I see that some people call it DDWFTTW. Which is right?

I don't know Owen.

OMG! Something else you don't know Granddad.

Owen, why do you keep saying "OMG"?

I don't know Granddad. I think I saw people using it on Facebook. What does it mean?

I'll explain it when you're a bit older Owen.

OK Granddad. I think I'll go to bed now.

OK Owen. Sleep tight.


Dennis @ Discount Marine Electronics said...

Owen looks happy to have joined the party. I'm sure he'll be joining you on the water soon.

Tillerman said...

That's not his "happy" look. It's his "why has Daddy got that scary black thing with a lens on growing out of his face" look.

Capt. Puffy Pants said...

Owen has the same look I had on my face recently when I realized I had no boat. Thankfully that has been rectified.

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