Thursday, November 11, 2010

Late Night Bonus Picture Quiz

My last picture quiz was obviously too easy. Mojo had the answer within three hours of the posting.

Let's see who can get this one...

What is it?

When was it?

Where was it?

Who won?

What is the connection with Tillerman?


Ed F said...

Looks a lot like a bumps chart.

Bumps racing (rowing)

Bumps chart

Frankie Perussault said...

It's the design of the current jumper I'm knitting.

Ed F said...

To add - the winner was the boat that started first. And stayed there. I believe that because they weren't bumped all week, they would have got their oars. As to where or when, main choices are Oxford, Cambridge or the London Hospitals.

It's a bloody stupid way to go racing.

Tillerman said...

Ed F is correct, and as far as I know Frankie may well be correct too. Look forward to seeing a photo of the finished jumper on your blog Frankie.

So you've answered question 1. Tracking down the answers to the others may be difficult, but not beyond the capacity of some of the big brains that read this blog I suspect.

O Docker said...

What is this business about bump charts?

I put a set of these on the Toyota last year and they handle very well in the rain.

Tillerman said...

Well spotted O Docker. I understand that tire design gurus are indeed using bumps charts to optimize tread patterns. Apparently BFGoodrich are touting the benefits of the Double Overbump pattern as a breakthrough in road-holding ability.

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