Friday, April 01, 2011

Best Sailing April Fools Joke of 2011

I was going to write an April Fools post this year. I had it all worked out. It was based on the current brouhaha going on in the Laser class about intellectual property rights, and who is really allowed to build Lasers, and whether the class should change the rules to say who can build Lasers... and .. and...

It's a mess. There are currently 94 posts on the Laser Forum and 90 on Sailing Anarchy about the issue and I'm still no nearer to understanding it.

I had a crazy scenario based on this Laser class meltdown worked out in my head yesterday that would make a perfect April Fools post. But then the more I thought about it the more I realized that my ridiculous, impossible, fantastic spoof scenario might actually come true any day now. And when (potential) truth is scarier than the worst fevered fantasy I can imagine... we are really in the shit.

So I thought my April Fools post would be in bad taste, and as the standard bearer for good taste in the sailing blogosphere I decided to desist.

The next best April Fools joke on the sailing Interwebs this year (after mine) is undoubtedly Shingles Bank Sparks Isle Of Wight Ownership / Independence Claims

And it has a nice historical picture too.


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bonnie said...

I liked the wing sail!

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