Friday, April 08, 2011

Chicken on Friday

For reasons that elude me, nearly all my friends in the boating blogosphere seem to be posting pictures of chickens this week. What's going on? Is it some weird religious festival?

Well, I've never really understood the point in following the herd. I'm not into team sports. There's no "me" in team as far as I'm concerned. But I will make an exception this week and try and be a team player. So here is a picture of my grandson, Aidan, with a chicken.

His parents took him and his siblings for a formal photo shoot at an outfit called Sitting Pretty Portraits on Sunday. The photographer there had a special weekend of shoots with "bunnies and chicks." There's another person obsessed with bloody chickens. What is going on?

However, I must confess I have done chicken posts on Proper Course before.

There was the Rhode Island Red Rant.

There was the day I used a chicken to win a turkey.

And then there was the infamous post with a photo of a rabbit having carnal relations with a chicken.

Can we be done with chickens now?

Anyone for fish?


bonnie said...

I thought you wanted chicken. I am so confused. I have more fish though, here is fish.

I also have horses, dogs, at least one lamb, at least one whale, a couple of ospreys, a gulp of cormorants, an erratic pelican, some wedge-tailed shearwaters, bees, mermaids, ruddy turnstones, gulls, brants, swans, hand-painted oystercatchers, a gecko, a couple of mantidae, seals, mussels, clams (fried that is), Quaker parrots, raccoons, and a lovely variegated beach cat. Anything strike your fancy?

O Docker said...

Ah, but if he wants turkeys, Bonnie, he has to visit O Dock.

And what kind of grandkid is he raising, anyway?

Canned chicken? I didn't even know chicken came in cans.

At least he's not teaching him to tie the poor thing up, like Baydog does.

Tillerman said...

Blame his parents for the can of American chicken. Tillerwoman and I are exposing him to real English food. We already have him hooked on Marmite and will shortly be introducing him to Branston Pickle.

bonnie said...

I have a turkey!

bonnie said...

Whoa...those last two comments on o-docker's turkey post?

deja vu all over again, huh?

Baydog said...

Future chef, thinking of the
1002nd way to prepare his little friend.

Chris said...

Personally, I often appreciate the chick pix. But I'm old and incorrigible anyway.

Carol Anne said...

Ah, but has anyone here actually beaten a chicken at tic-tac-toe? Now, THAT would be an accomplishment.

On of our local casinos in New Mexico is promising people that if they can beat the chicken, they get $5000.

I remember this from when I was a kid visiting relatives in Arkansas. There was a place in Hot Springs called the I.Q. Zoo, and it had lots of trained animals that performed amazing acts. In the lobby was a chicken that played tic-tac-toe. I saw people put quarter after quarter into the slot, hoping that if they tried often enough, they could beat the chicken. I was left wondering who was the real bird-brain, the chicken or the customer.

I don't know how much the casino is charging for people to play tic-tac-toe against the chicken, but I'm guessing the prospect of winning $5000 is going to attract a lot of bird-brains.

Tillerman said...

The company that offers the chickens playing tic-tac-toe service to casinos, recommends that casinos don't charge people to play the game but use it as a promotion and crowd drawing attraction. The idea is that they get the birdbrains to sign up for casino club cards that they have to insert in a slot to play the chicken. "This serves two functions: (1) it gets people who do not have players club cards to sign up for them and (2) it gets the player in the habit of pulling out that card and sliding it into a machine."

Even more interesting this company says that the casino can set its own frequency at which the birdbrains will win, and recommends various strategies for tweaking this frequency to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion. See their FAQ page.

Wow. What smart chickens. Not only have they mastered tic tac toe, they can even understand instructions like, "Please lose every 1 in 15,000 games."


Do I smell a chicken?

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