Friday, July 01, 2011

470 For Sale

Oh no! Tillerman is at it again. Just when we were looking forward to another fascinating story about his hand cramps, he is posting a picture of a lady in a bikini. And not just any lady. That looks like Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes. I thought this used to be a sailing blog?

Thank you for your comment dear reader. But this still is a sailing blog. And this is a sailing post. You see, when Doutzen is not doing whatever it is that supermodels do, she likes to go sailing in her 470. And now she is selling the 470 to raise money for a charity which creates awareness about HIV and AIDS amongst young people.

Normal cramp post service will resume as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Is she comming with the boat? Will she, at least, delivering the boat? If yes, I'll buy it. LOL.

Tillerman said...

Good question Anonymous. I did find the Dutch auction site where the boat is for sale and ran the text through Google Translate.

It does say, "The highest bid is used as an opening bid at the auction prior to dance4life Sensation on July 2. The three serious bidders marketplace with the highest bid will be invited to this auction with Doutzen Kroes is also present." So it sounds as if you might get to meet Ms Kroes if yours is one of the three highest bids.

The ad also offers something which Google Translate renders as "additional breeding." The original Dutch is "extra fok."


JP said...

Who cares about a dinghy (though I'd need lessons from Doutzen herself to sail it properly) - did you see what else was on offer:

"the chance to go to space with Doutzen"


Tillerman said...

Oh, well spotted JP. I didn't read that far. The mind boggles.

old salt said...

Why isn't she wearing a CE approved PFD?

Pandabonium said...

My eyes are cramping.

Joe said...

This is your best post ever! Keep up, old salt.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, rigging my laser, I look with nostalgia at the 470 in a corner, my brother went away years ago, mumble mumble, maybe I need a 26 year old crew?

Ad said...

This means "additional jib"

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