Thursday, July 21, 2011


Photo of sailing action at Cabarete shamelessly stolen
 without permission from Mj Barshi's Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Presumanly your point is that this is just another example of that all encompassing value for money represented by a well made laser sail?


Tillerman said...

Well said Poesje. I did indeed notice that Mr. Barshi's sail (I think it's him) does appear to be a little tired.

But no, that wasn't really my point. I was really wondering how the Racing Rules of Sailing (or even the COLREGs) applied in this situation of a kitesurfer crossing a starboard tack Laser. Can we even work out what tack the kitesurfer is on? Is he windward or leeward?

This is not a trivial issue when sailing at Cabarete!

Anonymous said...

Don't think a Laser sail would be tested this way, but a coworker who races catamaran was crewing for someone, and the someone let a hull lift too far and my coworker fell thru the main.

Steve in Baltimore

bonnie said...


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