Monday, July 18, 2011

Bloody Summer

I blame summer (again.)

A week ago I wrote that I felt like I had been neglecting this blog (and more importantly my three regular readers) because I had been actually sailing five times since I had last written a post about actual sailing. So I buckled down last week and wrote four actual sailing posts about actual sailing days. Phew! It was tough I can tell you.

So let's see where we are now? Oh no! I see that I have now been actually sailing four times since my last post about actual sailing. So I still owe you four actual posts about actual sailing days. How did that happen?

It's a tough life being a sailing blogger. The sailor who lives in this skin keeps going sailing these days and the writer who lives in the same skin can't keep up with trying to remember what actually happened when the actual sailor went actually sailing and then write all those actual sailing posts about actual sailing.

I suppose I could just close down the blog for the summer and disappoint all three regular readers?

Or just write about non-sailing subjects like deodorants or nipple rings?

Or stop doing actual sailing to give the writer a chance to catch up?

Choices, choices, choices.

I blame summer.


Baydog said...

Tillerman, Did you ever end up going to NJ for the July 4th regatta being held in your honor?

Tillerman said...

No, I didn't Baydog. We went to New Haven instead to go sailing on a 27 foot sailboat that my son and his wife have for the summer.

Oh shit. That's another boating weekend that I haven't written about yet. Thanks for reminding me. Ugh!

Tillerman said...

And actually the July 4th (actually July 2nd) regatta wasn't in my honor. It was in honor of the 100th birthday of the town. Although, it does seem that by asking one of the sailing club members if they were doing anything to celebrate the town's centennial I may have triggered them to organize this event.

PeconicPuffin said...

I increasingly dislike forcing a blog post when I don't have the urge.

Just a Guy said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have a 4th regular reader.

JP said...

Absolutely agree: best thing to do is either sail & not blog or blog & not sail.

However there is of course a third option ......

.... not sail then make something up!

O Docker said...

I used to blog about not sailing, but lately, between work and other catastrophes, I'm not blogging about not sailing.

I feel like I'm breaking new ground in non-blogging.

Last month, my blogging consumed no trees, generated no CO2, produced zero emissions, and had an invisible carbon footprint.

What's more, I actually got some useful work done and even installed the drip sprinkler system my wife has been whining about for years.

Think about the potential benefits to the environment and to mankind if we could get just half the people currently blogging to stop.

Not only could the energy of all of those bloggers be turned to useful pursuits, but so could that of their readers and commenters, too.

Our productivity as a society would multiply a thousandfold.

I think this may be the key to balancing state and federal budgets, eliminating trade deficits, and reducing the national debt to levels that would once again command respect in the global financial community.

But eliminating even all blogging would be a mere drop in the tidal wave of digital time wasting.

The real key to regaining our economic dominance in the world is to get the Chinese hooked on FaceBook.

Tillerman said...

Digital time wasting is indeed a scourge on society. But thank god that some people have discovered a way to conquer the time wasting impact of technology by learning to text while they are driving.

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