Tuesday, March 06, 2012

America's Cup World Series in Newport

The AC45 World Series will be in Newport from 23 June–1 July 2012.

Five questions...

1. How do I get a press pass?

2. How do I get a ride on one of the boats?

3. How much can I charge per night for my spare bedroom?

4. Have they made sure this doesn't clash with any Laser regattas in the area?

5. Will there be free beer?


JP said...

Regarding 1. I suggest you point them at this article that shows clearly that you are not just a member of the press but a publisher and hence deserve that pass

As to 2. if I had an idea I'd have tried it when the ACWS came to blighty!

On to 3. well if you pull of that laser up the Thames with the Queen trick maybe you could ask her?

4. Rule 1 of sailing: smaller boats get out of the way of bigger ones

5. You better ask Buff, he'll know....

O Docker said...

According to the rules posted on the AC34 web site, issuance of press passes will be very strictly controlled and limited to the following:

- Working journalists employed by a commercial radio or television station or by a newspaper certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations to have a daily circulation of over 50,000 or by a magazine certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations to have a monthly circulation of over 50,000.

- Anyone owning over two acres on Bellevue Avenue and whose brother-in-law was in the same college fraternity as the guy who made the team shirts for Dennis Connor's 1987 AC campaign.

- Anyone claiming to be a close, personal friend of Gary Jobson.

- Any employee - or relative or personal acquaintance of any employee - of any company that has ever done business with the Oracle Corporation and who also owns a digital camera.

- Buff Staysail

Tillerman said...

I'm in then.

In (what now seems like) a former life I used to be in IT and I was responsible for managing our company's relationship with Oracle and the millions of dollars that we somehow managed to spend with them. I am probably singlehandedly responsible for giving Larry Ellison enough money to buy a tiller for an AC45 or perhaps even a sheet on an AC72.

Smilicus said...

Re 1. Senior Citizens probably get to go for free.

Re 3. Since you are a celebrity in the Laser world, I an sure you will be able to charge a Laser carbon tiller for a nights stay.

Re 4 No worries, the laser can just pass under their flying hulls...easy

Re 5 Are you over 21 yet?

All jokes aside, wish the action would come to South Africa too.

Tillerman said...

I'm not worried about Lasers and AC45s getting tangled up trying to race on the same water in Newport. I am concerned that Larry Ellison might have planned the AC45 event in Newport without checking first whether there might be Laser regattas somewhere else in New England at the same time that I would want to sail in. How will I reconcile my wish to race my Laser vs my duty to my readers world wide to provide in-depth coverage of the AC45 lollapalooza on my blog?

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