Thursday, March 08, 2012

Amsterdam Olympics 2028 Poster

Who said the Dutch don't have a sense of humor?

Jos Spijkerman today strayed from his usual topic of the intricacies of the Racing Rules of Sailing and has written a fascinating post Olympic Games 1928 - 2028 about posters associated with the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928 and the proposed bid to return the Games to the Netherlands in 2028. He claims that the picture above is of a poster already made for such an event.


I think someone has been enjoying a Cannabinoid Moment.


Baydog said...

I suddenly have the munchies

O Docker said...

This is so cool, you've gotta try it.

If you like stare at the very center of that poster, you know the part where the little green ring overlaps the little black ring, right next to where the little yellow ring goes under the little black ring, only not there, but just a little to the right of that, like, well if you stare at that point real hard - you've gotta concentrate on it or it won't work - if you stare at that point real hard the yellow and the green parts start to reverse out to like totally awesome colors.

This is so cool, you've gotta try it.

Pandabonium said...

It's printed on Zig Zag paper for easy recycling.

Baydog said...

8202 madretsma

Jos said...

Since the first poster was one with such an obvious 'flaw', why not continue with that tradition also....

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