Thursday, March 22, 2012

Myth Busted

The myth is busted.

The Flying Dutchman story (that I wrote about yesterday) was an elaborate hoax.

He fooled me. Who would think that someone would write a blog for so long that was actually totally fictional?

No, wait. Don't answer that.

Hint: If you don't understand Dutch, click the CC button in the bar at the bottom of the video for Closed Captions in English.


Baydog said...

Guess I just give people the benefit of the doubt.
What a douche. Floris that is.

Tillerman said...

I just wonder of it took more imagination and ingenuity to perpetuate this hoax than it would have done to actually fly like a bird?

Baydog said...

I'd like to give the intelligent ones more credit than the dishonest ones.

I often dream that I'm soaring like a bird, but when I get too close to the lamp on my nightstand, my wings melt.

Anonymous said...

Fooled me too. Floris deserves credit for his ingenuity.


Anonymous said...

I was also fooled - and even enchanted with the whole thing. But I did look up Turnigy motors and all I could find were references to radio-controlled models, which should have been a big clue. But I ignored the obvious and chose to believe a lovely fantasy.

Tillerman said...

He says in the interview that he has been working for 8 months on an experiment about online media called how can you tell a good story through a blog. (Apologies for the translation but that's what the English subtitles say.)

I must admit that it was mainly the blog that convinced me that this was real. I can understand someone faking a one-off video, but didn't think anyone would spend 8 months writing a blog about the project just to support a hoax.

Which makes me wonder, are any of the other blogs I read fake? Would it possible to write a plausible fake blog about sailing round the world, say, (shades of Donald Crowhurst) or even one of those blogs about a young couple following their dream and sailing off to the Caribbean?

O Docker said...

Should have trusted my instincts on this.

Flying by flapping your arms is believable, but when he said he'd never felt anything better in his life, I should have known it was a hoax.

Joe said...

I would have been fooled too if I wasn't sprawled out on the bar room floor. I missed the whole thing. Damn that bourbon!

note: Good to see that they watch Myth Busters in the Netherlands.

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