Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Breaking News

A boat went out for a sail around the bay yesterday.

It capsized near a bridge.

It got broken a bit.

Nobody got hurt or drowned or anything bad like that.

All my favorite blogs seem to be posting videos of the boat capsizing.

What's the big deal?

Real sailing boats capsize all the time.

That's not news.

Get over it people.

I think I'll mow the lawn now.

That's not news either really.


Keep Reaching said...

Is that a Minorca Sailing hat you are sporting in the photo?

Tillerman said...

That's not me. That's Larry Ellison, I think.

Anonymous said...


Noodle said...

Don't they call it Breaking News because the vessel broke? Broken News seems more accurate, no?

Tillerman said...

Since when was this blog concerned with accuracy?

Noodle said...


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