Saturday, October 06, 2012

Crudo es la Nueva Naranja

Most days when we go down to the beach at 10am for the briefing on the morning sailing activities at Minorca Sailing, there is no wind. The briefing always starts off with the head instructor, Ian, giving us the weather forecast for the day, and he invariably promises that the wind will "fill in" later in the morning from some direction or other.

He is invariably correct. It does fill in. Although not always from the promised direction.

However, on Thursday, by the time we were all ready to go sailing there was still no wind.

Various options were offered.

We could be towed down to Fornells for coffee and ice cream, or we could play volleyball on the beach.

Volleyball was the most popular option. But not for me. I don't do team sports. There's no me in team.

So the grumpy old geezer in the orange hat went off for a relaxing swim in the pool, while the other Laser sailors wore themselves out playing volleyball. Apparently they also went out for a short, intensive section of starting practice when the wind filled in just before lunch. Not me though. I was having a nap by the pool, saving my strength for the big event of the week, the Thursday afternoon regatta.

By the time of the regatta it was blowing force 3 to 4 and, as a result of my fiendish strategy of getting my competition to wear themselves out playing volleyball, I managed to win the regatta. Children can be so cruel at my age.

So at the prize-giving on Thursday evening I collected two gold medals (one each for the series and the regatta) and a cool Minorca Sailing hat in a fashionable shade of ecru.

Ecru is the new orange.


Baydog said...

Ecru Coffee Pot?

Tillerman said...

LOL. I had to think about that one for a few seconds!

For people who don't get what the hell Baydog is talking about, it's a double in joke whose meaning will only be clear to people who are both Laser sailors AND who come from New Jersey.

O Docker said...

There's no me in ecru.

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