Friday, October 05, 2012

Los limpiadores del camión hacen swish, swish, swish,

I'm sorry people. I've left Senorita Cuarenta y Tres on the front page for as long as I can, but it's time to move on with the story of my Minorca Sailing vacation.

On Wednesday, it was time for one of my favorite things about Minorca Sailing, the famous "sea sail" - the morning when, weather conditions permitting, we are allowed to leave the Bay of Fornells and go out sailing on the wild and woolly Mediterranean Ocean. (It is an ocean isn't it?)  Last year we attempted this on a light wind day and barely made it out of the bay before we had to turn round. I wrote about this at Sea Sail. The next week we had a marvelous time outside the bay sailing on waves, although I don't think I ever got round to blogging about that day.

Anyway, winds were pretty light on Wednesday morning but our little band set out with high hopes.

And we made it! We escaped the bay and sailed outside!

Tillerwoman clambered over the rocks and took some photos of us.

Here is me (in the Laser with no window in the sail) about to make my escape...

And here we all are on the open sea...


When we were having our group blogging project about photography a few months back, one of my wise readers commented that it's hard to take photos of sailing boats from shore with a cheap compact camera without the boats looking like little white dots. I guess this photo proves the wise one correct.

I think I might be the third white dot from the right.

Anyway, not long after we left the bay the winds got even lighter and our instructors deemed it prudent to start sailing back.

Things got a little silly on the return sail. The folks in the Laser group this week all seemed to have a good sense of humor, in some cases even more bizarre than mine. One chap started singing a song which I didn't recognize but it did sound a little bawdy So I started competing by singing "Wheels on the Bus" - the song that always seems to go with sailing especially in Menorca.

This time, Tillerwoman was a little closer and managed to capture me demonstrating the actions that go with the line, "The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish!" I'm pretty sure this is the first time anyone has ever done this on a Laser.

In the afternoon I won both races to clinch my victory in the Laser series for the week.

I think I'll take a nap now.

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