Thursday, November 01, 2012


This picture is for my friend Baydog.

A lot of people have seen the aerial shots and pictures taken from the New Jersey mainland looking east towards the point where the Mantoloking Bridge used to connect to the Barnegat Peninsula, showing the new inlet through the peninsula created by Hurricane Sandy. It seems as if the bridge and the road across the peninsula in some way focused the storm surge and the waves to destroy all the houses between the bay and the sea on both sides of the road.

Today Baydog wrote a post about his favorite boatyard, Beaton's, which he believes is now "scattered in the back marshes."

This picture (looking west) was taken from a helicopter behind the helicopter carrying President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, as they viewed storm damage from superstorm Sandy yesterday. I am pretty sure that Baydog's favorite boatyard, or what is left of it, can be seen in the top left hand corner of the photo.

What do you think Baydog?


Baydog said...

What I think, is that anyone who lives/has lived in that swath would be God-damned before they declared it a 'new' inlet.

And yes, Beaton's will never be as it was. It's hard to gauge the destruction from the helicopter, but there's already way too much water in the back marshes (where the Sanderlings and A-cats hopefully are bobbing about.

It looks as though they've started to clear Betty Wagner's house from the bridge.

Tillerman said...

Hasn't nature declared it a new inlet? I hear there are several.

And yes, there is water behind Beaton's which isn't there in the Google Maps satellite image. I wondered why there appeared to be boats there!

John in PDX said...

Good thread
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It will take more than hell and high water to take Beaton's Boatyard off the map. The boatyard was catastrophically hit hard, but all of our buildings are standing. We had 5.5 feet of water through the buildings and entire boatyard. The majority of the damaged docks and sunken boats were from the Mantoloking houses that sadly left their foundations and broke apart as they blew across the bay when the inlet opened up. We were lucky to find some of the Wagner treasures along with VanScivers and others to return back to them. It will be a long time cleaning up and repairing the damage but the yard looks better each and every day. Thank you to all that have helped us along the way and for your continued help in the future. All the best, Beaton's Boatyard

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