Friday, November 02, 2012

Who Said It?

Who said it?

"Not bad when half your race committee for Sunday frostbiting has America's Cup experience."

"Climate change is a threat to our children's future, and we owe it to them to do something about it."

"I have never eaten or even nibbled a live hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, mouse, shrew, vole or any other small mammal."


Baydog said...

1. Tillerman
2. Barack Obama
3. Ozzy Osbourne

Tillerman said...

1. Wrong
2. Correct
3. Wrong

The president did indeed make the quotation about climate change this week, in response to receiving the endorsement of NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg for his reelection bid. Bloomberg said he he wanted a president who would "place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics."

I think this is probably the first time that either of the two main candidates for president has even mentioned the issue of climate change directly during the campaign. Even then I feel that Mr. Obama is being somewhat tepid in saying that it is only a threat to our "children's" future. Tell that to the current residents of Hoboken, Staten Island and the Jersey Shore this week!

Baydog said...

1. Ed Adams
2. Barack Obama
3. Euell Gibbons

O Docker said...

No idea who number one is, but I'm pretty sure number three is Mr. Ed.

This would have been right after Wilbur accused him of supplementing his normal diet of oats with some road pizza.

Mr. Google has some cockamamie explanation about an English comedian, but I'm sticking with Mr. Ed.

Bursledon Blogger said...

1. Martin Sedgethorpe - Commodore Dudley and Wolverhampton district sailing club.
2. Mr freeze in the 1966 episode of batman.
3 Freddie Star - allegedly

Tillerman said...

Well I guess it doesn't really matter who said #1, but which fleet they were talking about. It was, of course, said about the Newport Laser frostbite fleet, and was in an email yesterday from the joint fleet captains Dave Reed and Stuart Streuli. Out of the four volunteers doing RC duty tomorrow, two have sailed in the America's Cup.

And #3 was minor British pop star and comedian Freddie Starr who is in the news this week for being arrested on Thursday by police investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. He is perhaps most famous for being accused in 1986 by the Sun newspaper of eating a hamster sandwich. But it all turned out to be a publicity stunt.

George A said...

Freddie Starr--amazing--I could have sworn Nr 3 was Lance Armstrong. After all didn't Freddie take (and pass) at least 500 tests for gerbil?

Back from the beach. Stop. House still standing. Stop. Details soon. Stop.

Tillerman said...

Pleased to hear the house is still standing George. Looking forward to reading the details. That must be a huge relief to you.

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