Saturday, March 16, 2013

31 Weeks And Counting

I can't keep it a secret any longer.

I just have to tell you.

Yes, it's true.

In only 31 weeks from now the North American Laser Masters Championship will be hosted by the New York Yacht Club in Newport and sailed over three days on Narragansett Bay.

This is surely the biggest news in the sailing world since that big cat regatta decided to go to San Francisco. And from what I hear there will at least 50 or 60 times as many boats at the Laser NA Masters as will be in the final of Larry Ellison's little match race whatchamacallit on the left coast.

And it's in Lasers. Real boats that plane on the water, not machines that somehow fly over the water on foils.

Or maybe it will be in Torches. Who knows what they will be called by then? It doesn't really matter.

I remember the last time the NA Masters were at NYYC in 2003. It was epic. 130+ boats on one line. Did I ever tell you about the time I beat over 100 boats in one race? It had never happened before and it hasn't happened since.

And how often do we sweaty old geezer Laser sailors in our stinking hiking boots and ragged hiking pants get to hang out on the terrace at Harbor Court and drink rum cocktails served by white-coated stewards while half naked servant girls massage our aching thighs and...

Oh. I think I got carried away a bit there. I may have exaggerated slightly. I do have trouble distinguishing my fantasies from reality these days.

But anyway...

This will be the 2013 Grand Prix of sailing. The World Series. The SuperbOwl.

The dates for the regatta are 18-20 October.

Spread the word.

It will be epic.


Vadim Movchan said...

Cool! i wonder if one could see it on tv in Russia. Which channel is going to cover the event, any idea?

Tillerman said...

LOL. I will be amazed if it even makes the local TV in Rhode Island. It will definitely NOT be on the TV in Russia. The best coverage is likely to be on the blogs of the sailors competing.

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