Sunday, March 10, 2013

Laser Yoga?

I have warned you people before.

Please don't leave totally anonymous comments on my blog. Even if you are not able to use any of the options offered by Google to put a name on your comments, then at least put some pseudonym at the end of your text like Genie and Wavedancer do.

Then we will all sorta kinda "know" you if you leave multiple comments and that helps build the sense of community among the people who are crazy enough to follow this blog.

Look at the dude in the picture.

He is one of my anonymous commenters.

But thanks to my Granular Online Ubiquitous Tracking and Personal Identification Sleuthing Software, GOUTPISS, coupled with my Correlated Holistic Optimized Portal to Sail Numbers and IP Addresses, CHOPSNIPA, I now have the technology to identify anonymous commenters. I then place a contract with my global network of paparazzi and they find the guilty parties and shoot intimate photos of them at their most embarrassing moments.

You think Justin Bieber has it bad? Think again.

The photo is of commenter "Anonymous 2:03 PM" from my February 27 post Learning from a Gold Medalist. He is the first lucky participant in the GOUTPISS CHOPSNIPA program.

What is he doing?

One-legged downward-facing dog?

The latest "fast handling" technique for reaching in a Laser?

Practicing for the new "Synchronized Ballet on Laser" event at the 2020 Olympics?

I have no idea.

You have been warned. You might be next.


Baydog said...


Struggling Hard In Securing His Kold Ass Back On Boat

Tillerman said...

LOL Baydog. You are much better than me at thinking up great acronyms.

Of course you are right. That's exactly what he is doing. The black stain on the top of his mast is a dead giveaway.

Mojo said...


Sex Without A Partner
Mating Experience Excluding Transvaginal

Tillerman said...

I almost deleted this comment as spam until I saw the author was a real person, amazing as that may seem.

Mojo said...

Transvaginal slipped the Google filter again! --RP

Anonymous said...

All wrong. its CRAP! Centerboardal Reentry Access Procedure! First you say it, then you do it.

(Heretofore to be known as) Anon 2:03

Is that kosher Tillerman?

Tillerman said...

Certainly (Heretofore to be known as) Anon 2:03. (Heretofore to be known as) Anon 2:03 is a little unusual as an online name but at least we will always recognize you. May you always so be known.

And thanks for being a good sport about that capsize picture

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