Monday, March 04, 2013

Photo Quiz



Can you eat it?

How would you cook it?

Where is the nearest sailing club?

What did Tillerwoman have for dinner?


Baydog said...

1. A pen shell clam
2. Lack of a better blogpost subject?
3. You can eat anything
4. Quickly saute the innards, including the adductor muscle, serve with lemon and sherry
5. Minorca Sailing
6. Paella, or blackened tilapia :)

O Docker said...

Those are leather sandals.

People generally wear them in warmer weather so that their feet don't get too hot.

You could eat them if you were very hungry. In Philadelphia, they make a local 'delicacy' from them, but they have to smother them with Cheez Whiz and cook them with onions so that people don't notice how awful they taste.

The nicer ones are considered stylish enough that they may be worn out to a nice restaurant which is probably where Tillerwoman had dinner.

The nearest sailing club is at Fort McHenry.

Tillerman said...

I once spent a weekend in Philadelphia. Nice bell!

Tillerman said...

1. I had no idea what these huge shellfish were when I saw dozens of them washed up on the beach, but after a quick Google, I came to the same conclusion as you. Never heard of them before.

2. Could be true. But I was really asking why they should all be washed up on the beach?

3. Even Cheez Whiz? I have my limits.

4. Really? Do you know any restaurants that serve them like that?

5. No. Minorca Sailing is not a club. There's a smudge on the horizon that's the complete giveaway. If I'd left the image in black and white, you'd easily be able to pick it out.

6. No. But there was one thing from Friday's chart and several things that weren't.

O Docker said...

Could have something to do with Sandy or another recent storm.

These clams seem to anchor themselves firmly, deep below the surface, so it would probably take some pretty violent surf to dislodge them.

Baydog said...

Did you get the blackened tilapia?

Tillerman said...

I think O Docker is right. A storm may have dislodged them.

No baydog, I don't think blackened tilapia was on the menu.

Baydog said...

My wife makes fun of me because I always remember what we ordered for dinner, even twenty-five years ago, in any given restaurant. The tilapia was in reference to the Brick Alley Pub.

Baydog said...

5. Okay, Mitch

Baydog said...

The locals still talk about that weekend and wonder how the crack suddenly appeared.

my2fish said...

That bell isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Litoralis said...

That bell has my name on it.

Luke said...

In australia they are Razor Fish. Very sharp and dangerous when launching at SLMASC. South Lake Maquarie Amatuer Sailing club.

kiwiyates said...

In NZ they are locally called "Horse Mussels" due to their massive size I guess. They are quite brittle and can be nasty to stand on since they bury themselves "V" down with just the widest part above the sand. They tend to get washed up after storms, particularly all the lightweight dead shells.

The other things are sandels but most NZers wear "Jandels" (Flip flops) which was an original brand name when they first came out on the market. This is a quirky feature of us down under. For example, coolers are called "Chilli Bins" (Aussies call then Eski's - short for Eskimo), British people are called POME's (People of mother England), Americans are called "Yanks" (North & South) (and a number of other not so nice nick names...)

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