Friday, August 02, 2013

Bloggers Make the Big Time

I see that a blog post by Pam of Improper Course has now been included by Bruce Kirby's lawyers as an exhibit in one of their filings in the lawsuit against Mr Rastegar of LaserPerformance.


What is the world coming to? Blogs are evidence? Are Kirby's lawyers relying on Pam's research into the structure of Mr. Rastegar's companies as the authoritative source? If so, kudos to Pam.

I'm glad I didn't leave any snarky comments on that post. But I see that one commenter did describe one of the parties to the lawsuit as a "crook." And that comment has been submitted to the court too. Hmmm. Rather him than me.

My only appearance in the court submission is in the blogroll where Doug and Pam very kindly describe Proper Course as the "blueprint for our blog but way better." I hope the judge likes that bit.


Luke said...

Anyone know how much $ is really in dispute? Is it $10/ new boat, $100? $1000? What about a new sail?

Knowing the $$ will probably help a few of us decide on the morality of the claims

Tillerman said...

I think the actual royalty percentages are in one of the builders agreements that were filed as exhibits with the original lawsuit. I think there are probably links to the relevant document somewhere in the threads on this topic on Sailing Anarchy and the Laser Forum.

But be warned. Reading those threads will make you go blind.

/Pam said...

I've had my head down working hard this week and am just now getting caught up on news only to find that I'm in it! Glad to see that the crook comment came from someone outside the country.

Pandabonium said...

Lawyers are one class I have not missed since moving to Japan. There is a place for such, but in America their role seems way out of whack with reality.

Tillerman said...

Interesting observation Pandabonium.

The US is a nation of laws in more than one sense of the word.

Genie said...

Tillerman, I can't log into Exploratorius'site, but you could try the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, AZ (Dutchman's Gold Mine).

Tillerman said...

Thanks. But the answer turned out to be Sugarloaf Mountain in MD. Bert got it.

Anonymous said...

Just get out and sail a Laser!! There's not enough of that, and way too much time spent on the assarnet!!

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