Monday, August 12, 2013

How Much Would You Pay for a Laser Foiling Kit?

There has been much interest in the last few days in the photos, videos and accounts of foiling Lasers coming out of Australia. I posted some of this information in Foiling on a Laser?

It was promised that the necessary foils to convert your standard Laser into a foiling boat would soon be available, but initially there was no mention of a price.

How much would it be worth to the average Laser sailor to add foils to his or her boat? Remember that this is a community that balks at the price of $565 (US) for a legal standard Laser sail. It would certainly be fun to put on the the foils and fly around the bay for an afternoon. But, at least in the short term, there probably won't be much in the way of racing events for foiling Lasers in your back yard.

So how much?

500 bucks?

1000 bucks?

Maybe. I don't think I would be pay any more than that.

How about $5,800 (Australian dollars)?

The foils are now available on the Performance Sailcraft Australia website for the price of $5,800. But that does include covers and GST.



BlueVark said...

Wow - thats several times what my Laser is worth! As you say very steep price to allow you to have a bit of fun. Can't see them shifting many at that price.

George A said...

Still cheaper than a foiling Moth. Just think, as an early adapter you can be the first kid on your block to laser foil. After the novelty wears off (assuming you don't keep the kit too long or smell bottom at 20 knots with those expensive T-foils) you can probably sell the bits on at a slight profit based on short supply and high interest/demand. Then, after everyone and their dog has a kit, the price will drop like a stone and you can buy back in at a more agreeable cost if that suits your agenda. The reason we haven't seen this scenario with Moths is because Moths are a relatively small class. Compared to Moths there are at least a gillion lasers laying about.

And here's another thought: instead of one kit, you could buy several dozen foiler kits, set up a sailing camp in some exotic location (like the Dominican Republic) and have an endless income stream from the endless numbers of curious laser sailors too cheap to buy their own kits!

Tillerman said...

That last thought had crossed my mind George. I wonder if my friend Ari at the Laser Centre in Cabarete has already ordered a few of the Laser foiling kits?

George A said...

Wait 'til after hurricane season to book your visit. Even a laser won't need that much wind.

Bursledon Blogger said...

I think the no hiking kit from mark denser might be more fun and just possibly better value

Luke said...

Yep, they have missed the market with pricing. At $1000, they would have sold plenty. At $5800 they'll sell zero.

Perhaps this is a ploy; I suspect they are not ready for mass production, the foils haven't been properly load tested or proven durable. Might be; " they are not really ready, but if you really want one this is the price".

In good time, the price will drop. Or just as with replica sails and non legal kit, the market will offer us solutions.

mdenzer said...

You are right on. I even have one you can buy off me. Call anytime:

BeachComber said...

Total waste of money. But I have worked out how to sail it upwind!

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