Friday, August 16, 2013

Swedish Meatballs

This week's Fish on Friday is the pacu.

The pacu is a relative of the piranha.

One was recently discovered off the southern coast of Sweden.

"Keep your swimwear on if you're bathing in the Sound these days - maybe there are more out there!" cautioned the National History Museum in neighbouring Denmark.

The freshwater fish, which can grow up to 90 centimetres and weigh up to 25 kilogrammes, has been nicknamed the "ball cutter" for its attacks on the male genitalia.

In areas where pacus proliferate such as South American rivers, fishermen have reportedly bled to death after losing their testicles to the fish's crushing jaws.

Henrik Carl, a fish expert at the Danish museum, said. "They bite because they're hungry, and testicles sit nicely in their mouth," he explained.

"And its mouth is not so big, so of course it normally eats nuts, fruit, and small fish, but human testicles are just a natural target. It's not normal to get your testicles bitten off, of course, but it can happen, especially now in Sweden."

This has been a public service announcement by Proper Course for my Swedish readers.

You have been warned!


Baydog said...

And of course Swedish men swim in their frigid waters without trunks?

BlueVark said...

Water round the Sedish coast should be cold, thereby reducing the risk!

George A said...

Interesting that a fresh water fish can survive salt water. Perhaps a good thing that both Swedish lakes and the near by sea water is much too chilly for a certain old diarist to more than put a toe in...

Perhaps the Swedes will next discover some fresh water sharks in some of those large, deep and darkly malevolent northern lakes.

Perhaps we should start a wet suit fund for those poor South American fishermens.

Unknown said...

Den hår inte Lutefisk!

Tweezerman said...

Here in the Chesapeake we have had to deal with a rogue Manatee making it this far north. I've heard with global warming, we should expect to see more Manatees stalking swimmers (anyone know when "Manatee Week" will be on the Discovery Channel?)

Tillerman said...

Do manatees like Swedish meatballs?

Tillerman said...

Absolutely they do. Check out Nudism in Sweden and Nude Beaches.

Joe said...

The more I read your blog, the more confused I become.

Tillerman said...

Me too.

I can't remember where I first got the idea to do Fish on Fridays posts. Do you like the idea Joe?

Joe said...

I think it's a brilliant idea. Well done, sir!

Tillerman said...

Feel free to use my idea if you want, Joe.

O Docker said...

Joe's long owned the market on fish.
He's a master at filling that niche.
But his scales and his fin
Are garnished with skin.
Presentation makes the dish.

Mojo said...

Thank you for responding in limerick, O'Docker.

Ouch!! I am still trying to recover from my emotional reaction to the prospect of having a "ball cutter" chomp into the family jewels. FYI - Water polo swim suits are designed to protect same. Those swimming in swedish waters my want to take note.

Chris said...

Long, long ago I first became a good swimmer because I didn't want my feet to touch the bottom of the lake where it wasn't just sand or gravel. (I had a pathological dread of "the guck".) After I took to boats, I became a better boater because I didn't want to have to swim through weeds, either. When I started sailing I became very adept at keeping the boat upright, which helped enormously in learning to be faster, too.

When I got the Laser, all that went out the window. I had to brush up on my swimming again and get over the dread of standing on lake bottoms where I'd rather not. I'd be a better Laser sailor now if I could grow gills. If I ever sail the Laser in Swedish waters, I'll 1) sail with pants on (and underwear, too - maybe chain mail) and 2) sail hungry. I think I could out-eat that fish, and I like fresh sushi. Maybe I should just sail in water that's no deeper than my legs, minus a few inches. (That would make my capsize recoveries easier, too.)

Tillerman said...

And if you want more news on this theme check out Father, 48, was almost castrated after getting his testicles caught on a piece of metal when he slid off the back of his boat.

Thanks to Chris of ROWING FOR PLEASURE for posting the link to this gruesome tale earlier this week.

Genie said...

Tillerman stole Joe's Friday Fish.
He piled his dish and filled his plate
With flounder, halibut, salmon and skate.
He dined on whitebait, dined on brill
Dined on herring and ate his fill.
He didn't say pooh, didn't say pish,
But "pass the salt", and ate more fish.

Anonymous said...

Making me feels little better that we only have killer jellyfish...

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